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SylvanSport builds mobile adventure trailers that make it easy to go play in the great outdoors. GO is an easy-to-tow trailes designed for people who love outdoors sports and camping. GO converts from toy and gear hauler to pop-up camper in 15 minutes and can be towed behind almost any car.  Here are a few ways that GO can help you spend more time outdoors doing what you love:


The SylvanSport GO was created to make it easy to go camping. GO transforms from gear hauler into a comfortable pop-up camper in minutes. GO offers all the joys of tent camping without the pain caused by sleeping on the ground. GO has a large, secure deck with ample room for all your gear: sleeping bags, grills, coolers, and other camping equipment, leaving room in your car for more friends, or kids, or dogs, or even more gear.

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Ultimate Camping Trailer


You can carry as many as 12 white water or recreation kayaks, including creek boats, play boats and other types on a GO.  GO can also haul expedition kayaks, ocean race kayaks, Greenland kayaks, round bilge boats and other varieties of sea or touring kayaks, along with your gear, paddles, PFDs, and more.

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Stephanie and Ray Adams in their Sylvan Sport Go


Canoeing is a relaxing and fun way to experience the beauty of waterways (and maybe catch a fish or two while you are at it). GO makes it easier than ever to get your canoe onto the water, so you can relax and have fun on the water more often. GO is easy to tow and ergonomically designed with a low load height. With a GO in your garage, you will no longer risk straining your back hoisting your canoe on or off your car’s roof rack!

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Towable Multi-Vehicle GO Pop Up Camper


Mountain bike, road bike, cyclocross, fixie, single speed, or cruiser, whatever style you like to ride GO can get you and your bikes there. Transport your bikes and gear to any site, safely and securely. GO has the capacity to carry up to a dozen bikes!

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Stephanie and Ray Adams in their Sylvan Sport Go


Like many motorcyclists, you have a long list of roads you want to ride, but getting there can be a challenge. SylvanSport makes it easy to go on long motorcycle trips: GO gives you the freedom to load up and GO with a built in Control-Tilt Deck – no more ramps! GO hauls a full size motorcycle (up to 800 lbs) or even a couple dirt bikes!

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Studio shoot SylvanSport GO camper trailer


GO is an all terrain vehicle camping trailer that makes it easy to tow your ATV or Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). Most passenger vehicles can haul a GO because it is so lightweight. Plus, GO transforms from an ATV trailer into an off road pop up camper that sleeps up to four adults comfortably in 15 minutes.

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Studio shoot SylvanSport GO camper trailer


GO and GO Easy are the ultimate SUP carriers. Heading out for a day on the lake, river, beach or bay? The GO and GO Easy allow you to load up the trailer with all your SUPs, gear, coolers and more, while keeping the car free and open for the things that matter… family, friends, kids and dogs! Compatible with all the major rack manufacturers, the GO and GO Easy can carry hundreds of pounds of really long boats and SUPs.

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men with surfboard putting on top GO


These are just a few of the outdoors activities that SylvanSport customers love to go do in their GO. When you own a versatile, ultralight outdoor adventure trailer from SylvanSport you can also easily get out hiking, climbing, surfing and so much more.

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pull behind trailer with outdoor gear

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