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The World’s Most Versatile Trailer for Kayaks and Outdoor Sports

In the last few decades, the sport of kayaking has taken off in the United States. While hardcore adventurists take on bigger and bolder water, boaters of all levels have discovered a passion for kayaking. Once you’re hooked, your next big challenge is how to transport your boat from one paddle spot to the next.

Fortunately, with the SylvanSport GO and GO Easy, the logistics of transporting kayaks just got a whole lot easier. The GO is a multipurpose outdoor gear trailer that can carry as many as 12 kayaks at a time, along with the rest of your gear. Hailed as the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers, it’s an all-purpose bike trailer, kayak trailer, boat trailer, gear trailer, and pop-up camper, all-in-one. Like an industrious ant, either the GO or the smaller GO Easy trailer can carry more than it weighs. And either trailer is lightweight enough to tow with a small car.

Kayak haul adventure trailer and camper

Carry 12 Kayaks with a GO or 4 Kayaks with a GO Easy

One of the challenges of kayaking with a group of friends is that you can only fit a few kayaks on the top of most vehicles. This dilemma typically requires several drivers hauling different kayaks on the roof of each car. With the GO kayak trailer—which doubles as an incredibly cool pop up tent camper—you can transport up to 12 kayaks at once, with one vehicle. It’s that simple! If you want an even simpler and lighter trailer for your adventure gear, check out the GO Easy. The GO Easy is a micro kayak trailer that can haul up to 4 boats.

Load Up Your Boats, Bikes, SUPs, Surfboards and More

The GO and Go Easy are designed to haul all the gear you need for your outdoor adventures, not just kayaks. They’re made are to carry boats, bicycles, surfboards, stand up paddleboards, camping gear, and whatever you need to have fun have fun in the great outdoors. With the larger GO trailer, you can load up even bigger equipment, such as canoes, ATVs, or a motorcycle. Feel free to mix and match your sports. The GO can carry up to 12 kayaks or 12 bikes or any combination of boats and bikes. The GO Easy can haul 4 kayaks or 6 bikes or your own perfect combination.

Two Kayak Trailer Options—Lightweight or Ultra Lightweight

GO and GO Easy trailers are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. They are so lightweight that you can tow them behind almost any vehicle. Got a small car? Turn it into a hardcore kayak hauler with these lightweight, aerodynamic pull-behind trailers. A GO camper trailer weighs only 840 pounds while the GO Easy micro trailer weighs a mere 250 pounds. But there’s nothing light about their carrying capacity! These compact, low profile trailers are made of tough TIG welded aluminum, with aerodynamic design that maximizes your miles per gallon.

Live the Good Life… With a Kayak Camper

GO isn’t just a kayak trailer—it’s a kayak camper! Once you reach your destination, it takes just a few minutes to convert your GO pop up camper into a tent with room for four or more people. So, after a big day shooting through rapids, dropping over falls, mastering your battle roll, or exploring pristine lakes, you can kick back at a comfortable base camp that’s no trouble to set up. Even the mattresses self inflate! That way, you can save your energy for pushing your limits on the water. If you’re more of a minimalist, the GO Easy can double as a base camp too. This micro trailer can hold a camping pod, with enough space for two to drift off, under the stars. Check out the GO, and the GO Easy for yourself to see which one fits your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines set forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, or create an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. [For more information, refer to Terms, Section 4].

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