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Portable Solar Power Generators, Kits, and Camping Gear

A Solar Power Kit for the Coolest Camper Ever!

SylvanSport customers have asked for a portable solar power generator for the GO  since the beginning, and we’re thrilled to deliver! Sunny Side Up Integrated Solar Kit  was developed exclusively for use in this super-cool pop-up camper, to provide an off-the-grid energy solution for camping. We partnered with Goal Zero, one of our favorite eco-friendly companies, to provide the ultimate solar power kit for camping:

  • 1 Yeti 400 Solar Generator
  • 2 Boulder 30 Solar Panels
  • 1 Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350 LED Lamp
  • 1 Sunny Side Up Mounting Hardware Kit
  • 1 6mm 6′ Extension Cable
  • 2 8mm 6′ Extension Cables
  • Instructions and User Guide
Solar Powered Camping

Portable Solar Power Generators for Backups, Outages, and Camping

With portable solar generators from SylvanSport, you don’t have to be left in the dark. The Yeti 400 Portable Solar Power Generator is the perfect lightweight, compact backup for unexpected outages. Light up your home, camp, camp, or cabin. You can also use it charge your phone and power small appliances—even a small fridge! This generator gets the job done without the fumes and noise of traditional backup generators. You can check out this portable generator, portable solar panels, and more solar devices in our online solar gear store. Use your portable solar power system as a backup for emergencies, or even day to day for charging devices to save on your electric bill.

Solar Camping Gear—Including Lights and a Hot Shower!

Our solar camping gear store has all the greatest solar gadgets for camping. This way, you can enjoy the great outdoors with the comforts of home—and no pollution or noise! We offer a solar power kit for your GO camper, standalone solar generators, portable solar panels, and a full assortment of tools and accessories to go with them. You can also buy:

Goal Zero LED Lights

Our Goal Zero LED lights will bathe your campsite in 350 lumens. These classy lights can be adjusted for a bright or dim glow. You can also adjust the shade to provide broad or focused light. They come with a built in carabiner, chain, and magnets for easy hanging. Charge your Goal Zero lamps with your Yeti Solar Generator or Sherpa Power Pack. They are super efficient for long run times.

Goal Zero Lighthouse

You can power this versatile lantern three different ways! Plug it into your solar panel, charge it from a USB, or use the handcrank. Perfect for camping, it sheds 250 lumens so you can cook, read, play cards, or whatever you like to do in the evenings. It even comes with a built in USB power hub you can use to power small devices.

Portable Solar Camp Shower

Add plumbing to your GO or GO Easy camping trailers with our awesome Road Shower 2. Love camping but love pressurized hot water too? Now, you can have both. This portable solar shower can heat water as you drive, so you can enjoy a hot shower at your campsite.

Portable Solar Chargers for Lights, Phones and More Devices

You don’t have to call it a night when it gets dark. With our portable solar power generators and solar panels, you can enjoy all the comforts of home–wherever you go! Our revolutionary portable solar chargers give you everything you need to power devices, fans, lighting, movies, and more. Unlike traditional generators, these solar power sources don’t give off fumes and they don’t interfere with your peace and quiet. With portable solar chargers, you’ve got your own off -the-grid power source—completely clean and renewable! Check them out in our online store.

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