SylvanSport Fall Bundle

Fall Bundle for You and your GO!

With the leaves turning and a chill to the air, we’ve put together a Fall Bundle Package for you and your GO. Receive 10% off when you purchase the Coolest. Camper. Cover. and a SylvanSport Hoody together from our online store.

Coupon Code: FallBundle
* offer expires Oct 27, 2017

A blanket for your GO. No matter what the season, the Coolest. Camper. Cover is the perfect way to show your GO that you care. Made from lightweight, yet extremely durable DuPont Tyvek, our cover is custom tailored for an exact fit. A full elastic hem keeps it in place, while the non-abrasive inner liner will be gentle on your GO all year long.

GO Camping trailer Cover

Who doesn’t love a good hoody? While your GO is nice and cozy under the Coolest. Camper. Cover., we think you should be too! The SylvanSport Hoody is the perfect thing for a cool morning around camp or just hanging out around the house. It’s so comfy, you may never want to take it off.

SylvanSport Black Hoody front view studio photo
SylvanSport Black Hoody front view studio photo

Fall is in the air!

Receive 10% off when you buy the Fall Bundle by Oct 27, 2017!

4 thoughts on “SylvanSport Fall Bundle

  1. What if any changes are in store for the 2018’s? thinking about buying a GO but not sure if I should wait?

    1. Hi Pat. 2018 models will be the same as 2017, so it’s a great time to get GOing! Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

      1. I was pretty sure about getting a Tent Camper. One of the bjggest differences is that there isn’t a stove and sink built into the Go Camper. My car can pull a max of 1500 lbs. so I would have to get a older tent Camper.

        What do people buy to cook and clean with when they are out with there Go?

        1. Hi Michi. There are a lot of options for people for kitchen set ups. Something like this one from Cabela’s is a popular option – https://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-Deluxe-Campers-Kitchen/ Some folks get very elaborate with their kitchen set ups, while others are a little more bare bones. The beauty is that you can customize and choose based on your needs. For a quick weekend getaway, you might just bring a stove, while if you are going to base camped for a while, you do a full kitchen/prep/cook/clean area. Everything will carry nice and easily in the GO and you only bring what you need. Let us know if you need any more ideas or have any other questions. Thanks!

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