Camp Cooking with SylvanSport: Apple Butter Bacon Grilled Cheese

Apple Butter Bacon Grilled Cheese with Lee from Food for Adventures.

We’re going to make one of my favorite campground recipes. The apple butter bacon grilled cheese. Simple ingredients and really easy to make.

The first and most important step of this recipe is the bacon. Let’s wake up the campground with a little sizzle and a little smell this morning. I usually do two to three pieces per sandwich.

Next we’re going to put the cheese on our bread and throw it on our second skillet and go ahead and start melting the cheese and crisping the bread up. Applewood bacon flavor is gonna give the ultimate taste of this sandwich. Once our bacon is done, we’re ready to add apple butter to our sandwich.

So what I like to do is slather on the apple butter over our melted cheese from our pan. The more the merrier, definitely give it a blanket to sleep under.

Bonus ingredient and definitely an extra flavor is add a couple of slices of apple.

And last but not least, add your bacon and assemble the sandwich to complete it.

And right there ladies and gentlemen, Apple Butter Bacon Grilled Cheese with a Honeycrisp Apple added to it.


  • Applewood bacon (2-3 slices per sandwich)
  • Sharp cheddar cheese (1 slice)
  • Bread
  • Apple butter
  • Fresh apple slices (optional)


  1. Light camp stove and set to medium heat.
  2. Place frying pan or skillet on stove and allow to preheat.
  3. Add bacon and cook for approx. 4-5 minutes per side. Cook longer for crispier bacon.
  4. On the second burner, place 2 pieces of bread and a slice of cheese on a heated pan.
  5. Once the cheese is melted, remove from the pan and add apple butter to the bread.
  6. For a fresh, crisp crunch, add sliced apples to the sandwich.
  7. When bacon has reached desired crispiness, add 2-3 slices on top of the apples.
  8. Enjoy!
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