Meet Lucy & Lina from Michigan, proof again that GO Owners have more fun

For years, we looked at the SylvanSport GO as the best option for our love of camping. We’ve always loved tent camping but wanted to find a solution up off the ground. The GO answered our search for something simple and easy to set up, that would still allow us time and energy to spend time outside: exploring, fishing or on the water. We weren’t looking for a home-away-from-home, just a home-base on our vacations.

A year ago we moved to Grand Rapids, Mich. and one of the first places we visited was the Woodland Travel Center, which sells the GO. It was our first time seeing it in person and confirmed that it was the best option for us. We made arrangements and recently picked up our GO for a fun-filled summer.

We’re excited to introduce ourselves as we’ll be blogging for SylvanSport this summer about our Michigan camping adventures. We’re Lucy and Lina Blair; we’ve lived in Michigan for years. Before moving to Grand Rapids, we lived in Marquette, Mich. in the Upper Peninsula. We loved it there because of its simple pace but also the way it fed our love for adventure. Lina fly fishes, so she caught all types of fish on flies she tied herself. In an effort to see more than just the city we lived in, we even created a book with pictures of every post office in the UP.

This summer, we look forward to camping throughout the state, from Holland during the Tulip Festival to Traverse City for the Cherry Festival. We’ll camp at Algonac State Park along the St. Clair River watching the freight boats go by and camp at Wilderness State Park along the Mackinac Straits, overlooking the Mackinac Bridge. And we’re looking forward to spending a week in the UP again, visiting Marquette where we used to live and Copper Harbor in the Keweenaw, which is one of our favorite spots. We hope you’ll follow along with us.

Next weekend is the Tulip Festival, but in the meantime we’re figuring out how to make our GO home for us. We spent the first night with the GO in our backyard. We’ve seen the videos about how easy it is to set up the GO, and on our first try, it didn’t disappoint. I think it’s easier than some of the tents we’ve had, which is impressive. We putzed around, found lights to put up around the inside and a mat to go outside. We set up the table and played a card game. We took advantage of wifi from the house and watched a movie. It was a fun night, full of snacks and saying, “Can you believe this?”

As we start out, we’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite places to camp in Michigan? If you have a GO, what tips do you have for how best to enjoy this summer of camping?

Lucy & Lina

Lucy and Lina at Woodland Travel Center with their Woodland Sales Agent, Kayla.

Lucy & Lina GO

Lucy and Lina’s sweet new SylvanSport GO in the driveway… ready to GO!

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  1. Just bought the special edition and I’ll have it by March. Question: what do you pull your GO with?

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