Meet the Berzowskis Summer Edition: Missoula MT

Jim and Robin are back on the road in their GO (nicknamed LEO – ‘Low Earth Orbiter’) on an adventure through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Alberta & Manitoba! Along the way, they are stopping at SylvanSport dealers and giving them a little taste of the GO Life.

ON THE GO AGAIN  #3 – Bretz RV & Marine in Missoula, MT

Collin greeted us and gathered the sales team.

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Missoula, MT
Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Missoula, MT

We answered their questions, ranging from bears and heat to tires, mileage and general durability.

  • We explained, that like any campers in bear country, all food related items need to be stored in a hard-sided unit when not in use; we store ours in the back of our car.
  • The hottest place we camped was last summer in North Carolina for Camp Dark Sky (the SylvanSport gathering to experience the full eclipse of the sun). Our strategy was to hike in the beautiful (and cool) Pisgah and Dupont National Forests during the heat of the day and enjoy the cooler sleeping weather with the screens open wide to let in the breeze. In general, we do not make plans to camp in extreme heat. Many other GO owners utilize portable air conditioning units, which seem to work very well.
  • We still have our original tires, which are holding up fine. We make sure to keep them properly inflated.
  • The mileage towing the GO with our Honda CRV usually averages around 22mpg, however, we’ve noticed that going up and down the mountains, we’re averaging just over 20mpg.
  • As for durability, we use (and abuse) our LEO, camping, many miles on the road, hauling all sorts of stuff, and it is holding up really well, just a few battle scars, that make it all the more lovable.

A couple of the sales guys said that they want to GO!!

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Missoula, MT

They have a huge salesroom -with RVs and boats, with the GO snugged in amongst the mounted critters scattered about!

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Missoula, MT

Jim found a boat that he thinks would pair well with our GO

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Missoula, MT

So, we headed off on our way to Glacier National Park, and as has seemed to be our trend this trip, we decided to take a detour ?! We spent a couple hours driving through the National Bison Range. I think the song, ‘Home, Home on the Range’ was written for/by them – if you count elk as antelope, it was definitely ‘where the deer and the antelope play’ and ‘the skies were not cloudy all day’!! We had a close encounter with a bison who decided to cross the road RIGHT in front of us – I’m just glad he didn’t scrape our bumper with his horns!

Next stop:

Glacier National Park & Banff Canada! Yahoo!


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