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Meet the Berzowskis Summer Edition: Heading Home

Jim and Robin are back on the road in their GO (nicknamed LEO – ‘Low Earth Orbiter’) on an adventure through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Alberta & Manitoba! Along the way, they are stopping at SylvanSport dealers and giving them a little taste of the GO Life.

Homeward bound!!

After Calgary, we are on the home stretch ?.

We stopped overnight in Winnipeg and visited at Transcona Trailer Sales in the morning before heading out. Travis, the sales manager, greeted us and hooked us up with Donovan, their resident GO expert. He was very enthusiastic – they sold 6 GOs at the show in March – for which they appreciated Earl’s participation!

They have a nice setup in the showroom – one GO in camping mode and the other in transit mode, loaded with a quad and a kayak mounted on the top.

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home

We went outside for Donovan to see our loaded GO. He asked questions about usage and durability and we told him about our experiences. Funny thing, when he went back to the showroom to get his phone to take pictures, three different people (customers) asked me about the GO – so I whipped out brochures and suggested that they check it out in the showroom, to see the other configurations!!

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home

Donovan gets lots of interest when he takes the GO to various sports events – as it is the COOLEST CAMPER EVER!

The last stretch to home is 12 hours, but we decided to do it in one spurt – anxious to see how the gardens are doing and, as comfy as the GO is, there’s no place like home ?!

This trip we logged 5726 miles! Pulling our GO with our Honda CRV, we averaged 23.5 mpg, including the trip to Banff with 4 people and extra gear ?

We gave LEO a good airing out.

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home

It is now resting and ready for the next GOing.

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home

Meanwhile, we need to subdue the vegetable garden, which is like a jungle!!

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home

The Dahlias are beginning to bloom.

Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home
Berzowskis Summer Adventure: Heading Home

Until we GO again!!

8 thoughts on “Meet the Berzowskis Summer Edition: Heading Home

  1. We’ve towed our GO all over the country and Canada. Not sure what the highest elevations have been, but we’ve driven through Grand Teton and Yellowstone, the Cascade mountains, Glacier National Park and Banff. We will be going to Alaska this summer and considered taking our truck, but decided to use the CRV because of the comfort and mileage. We do not have any concerns – it pulls great and gets very good gas mileage. If you have any specific concerns about the CRV as it relates to elevation, you might want to check with Honda.

    GO for it!! Downsize your vehicles and enjoy!!!

  2. I’ve had fun following your travels in your GO. My wife and I are seriously considering downsizing from our Jayco TT to a GO. My question is how did you CRV handle mountainous terrain while towing the GO? Did you ever get above 9000 feet while towing? We live in NM and camp mostly in the mountains here and in CO. Part of downsizing our set-up would include a smaller tow vehicle eventually, probably a 4-cylinder SUV of some kind and it would need to work well towing the GO at 9000+ feet. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  3. we purchased a GO Saturday. plans for the winter center mostly on using it to haul artwork to exhibitions. in the spring overnight adventures will happen. have enjoyed watching your videos and appreciated your advice(will copy some of your practices). need to practice backing up with the attached trailer; so far I am inept in my better moments and generally worse. starting to formulate plans for summer trip from Louisville to Colorado and Utah.

  4. Id be curious to see your GO packing list for this trip. What worked, what didnt. What are you adding?

    1. Hi Jan, We have a generic packing list that we use as a starting point, and add/remove based on the trip. We bring most of the items on all the camping trips, as they are nicely fitted into our bins, but items like the snorkeling equipment only when we go to Florida (not to Montana!) The types/quantity of bedding is also destination/weather dependent. We added a few new items this trip (I need to add them to the generic list): a camping toaster and walking sticks/poles.
      I posted the list to the files section of the SylvanSport Owners Group Facebook site (if you are an owner and not part of this group, contact Seyl at SylvanSport, and he can get you hooked up!).

  5. I just purchased my Go! Pick him up next week! So excited! I will have to stop in at some Go dealers too when we are on the road! I will post pics and trip info down the road!

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