How To Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home

Do you ever get homesick during your travels? While spending time in Mother Nature is fun and exciting, sometimes we can’t help but miss the comforts and conveniences of home. The bad news? Your campsite will never be an exact replica of your home. The good news? There are several ways to make it feel homier. Use these tips for making your campsite feel like home to transform it into a functional and cozy second home.

Add Personal Touches

Sometimes a small reminder is all you need. Consider bringing along a small trinket or two that reminds you of home, like a framed family photo, a familiar scented candle, or your friendly hot pink lawn flamingo, so whenever you’re feeling homesick, you have something to turn to for comfort.

Hang Lights

Hanging string lights or lanterns around your campsite can give it a warm, inviting atmosphere and make it easier for you to find your way around after the sun sets. Just remember to bring the correct power source along. Most outdoor lights are battery-operated, but others require a portable power bank or charger to function.

Spread Out a Rug

It’s incredible how much a rug can alter the feel of your campsite. It contrasts beautifully with the grass and dirt thanks to its bold colors and patterns and gives you a soft, fuzzy place to rest your feet. But if you plan to bring a rug to the campsite, make sure it’s a campground rug for outdoor use. These special rugs are easy to clean and have open weaves that make them fade-, moisture-, and stain-resistant.

Set Up a Table

Great for eating, playing games, or just sitting around and chatting, portable camping tables are a fantastic addition to any campsite. They’re much more comfortable and practical than picnic blankets, and during mealtimes, more sanitary, as they help keep dirt and insects away from your food.

Give Yourself More Room

Traditional tents tend to be tiny, whereas your home is much roomier! One way to make your campsite feel like home is to make your shelter bigger and more house-like by using a pop-up camper rather than a ground tent. pop-up campers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick one that suits your needs. They tend to come with more amenities than a tent, and most importantly, let you sleep up off the ground. While big families may want a sizeable travel trailer with a built-in kitchen and bathroom, pop-up campers and micro-campers are easy to tow and ideal for solo or two-person trips.

Bring Pillows & Blankets From Home

Nothing will make you grumpier than getting a poor night’s sleep. Bringing a few familiar items from home, like your favorite pillow and blanket, will make you feel cozy as can be so you can drift off peacefully. If you prefer sleeping on soft surfaces, you may also want to invest in self-inflating air mattress or a sleeping pad. A sleeping bag on cold, solid ground is very different from your soft, warm bed at home and can make it hard for you to sleep soundly.

Whip Up Homemade Meals

With a portable outdoor kitchen, like our Dine O Max gourmet kitchen set-up, you have the space to whip up tasty handmade meals that remind you of home sweet home. While burgers, hot dogs, and s’mores are quintessential camping foods, it can be nice to change it up occasionally and have something fancier, like tacos or pasta with pesto. Eat on ceramic plates with stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons rather than flimsy throw-away plastic or paper dining sets for a truly homestyle meal.

Make Your Morning Coffee

With a camp coffee maker, you can have your daily cup of Joe no matter where you are. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice this essential part of your morning routine and can get the energy you need to hike and swim the day away. All you need to work these machines is fresh water, filters, and ground coffee. Some makers are electrically powered and need a portable power bank to work, but others come with a crank you turn to brew your coffee the old-fashioned way.

Play Your Favorite Music

You can jam out all day with a portable radio or your phone and a Bluetooth speaker. Hearing your favorite tunes or relaxing with white noise can make you feel more comfortable while on the campsite. Create a cool camping playlist before you leave home.

Throw a Movie Night

What better way to make your trip feel homey than throwing an outdoor movie night? All you need is a screen—a white bed sheet works perfectly—and something to hang it from, a projector, and of course, some popcorn to munch on! Just pop your favorite movie into the DVD player, sit on some blankets, and watch epic adventures and heartfelt stories unfold while you relax under the stars.

Or a Game Night

Are tabletop games more your jam? Set up a game of cards, Monopoly, Yahtzee, or another family favorite in your tent, camper, or on a rug or table, and play away! These games are a fun way to wind down after a long day running around in nature.

Bring Bathroom Necessities

When you’re out camping, one thing you’ll likely miss the most is your bathroom. Doing your business in the woods with coarse one-ply paper isn’t private or comfy. But bringing along a privacy tent, a portable toilet, and a few rolls of toilet paper from home can make your bathroom breaks far less uncomfortable.

For all the gear you need to create a fun, functional campsite that feels like home, shop with SylvanSport. Our GO lightweight camping trailer provides plenty of space and is highly customizable, with various dining and sleep setups. Decorate it with blankets, lanterns, rugs, and more, and transform it into a place you’re proud to call your home away from home.

We also carry other gear, like mattresses, camp kitchens, our GOzeebo screen room tent, and more, so you can personalize every part of your campsite to your liking.

How To Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home


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