How To Choose the Right Kayak Trailer for Your Needs

If you’re an avid kayaker, chances are you’ve encountered the age-old dilemma: how to best transport your boat from home to your favorite lake or coastline. One of the best ways to do this is by using a kayak trailer. Towable kayak trailers are easier to load than kayak roof racks. Choosing the right kayak trailer, however, can be a challenge. Below, we’ve detailed important criteria for selecting the best kayak trailer. Follow these tips, and you’ll be paddling your boat and enjoying your time on the water very soon.


An important factor to consider when looking for a kayak trailer is weight. A lightweight kayak trailer, such as the SylvanSport GO EASY, is easy to tow, which can save you gas money and make for a smoother ride overall. You should also factor in the weight of your kayak(s) and gear.

The GO EASY trailer has a 165-pound carrying capacity and can accommodate up to four boats or bikes. Ensuring the weight of your equipment matches the capabilities of your trailer is crucial for safe traveling.

Number of Kayaks

Our next tip on how to choose the right kayak trailer for your needs is to consider how many kayaks you plan to transport. If you’re a solo kayaker, a single-kayak trailer should suffice. However, if you prefer company or have a fleet of kayaks, you’ll need a trailer that can accommodate multiple boats.

The SylvanSport GO EASY has you covered; its carrying capacity means you can haul up to four kayaks at once. No matter the size of your water-loving squad, there’s a trailer that’ll fit your needs.


A durable kayak trailer will save you from countless headaches and remain your reliable partner year after year. The SylvanSport GO EASY comes with an impressive high-grade steel frame and tongue that create a rigid skeleton built to last. To further guarantee its durability, the trailer chassis features a heavy-duty powder coating that prevents corrosion and peeling. Additionally, the rotomolded components (fenders, rear end, and storage box, if applicable) of the GO EASY trailers are made from high-end materials made to withstand the elements. The wiring harness and LED lights are completely waterproof, so you can back this kayak trailer right into the water to slide your boats off and on.

Easy Storage

One crucial factor to consider when choosing a kayak trailer is storage. Nobody wants to deal with a bulky, space-consuming beast when not in use, right? Therefore, finding a trailer that’s compact and easy to store is paramount.

SylvanSport’s GO EASY is an excellent example of a kayak trailer designed for easy storage. Back it into your garage and tilt it onto its end for compact storage. When upright, it easily fits into tight areas (only 8 square feet of floor space is necessary), freeing up precious space for other outdoor gear or storage needs.


Your outdoor excursion can take you through winding roads and tight parking spots. With the SylvanSport GO EASY lightweight kayak trailer, you can be sure your trailer will keep up with any unexpected detours. Custom-tuned Dexter torsion axles provide a smooth ride versus other trailer models constructed with leaf spring suspension, which tends to bounce while driving. Also, the low tongue weight makes it easy to turn and assists with navigating narrow roads and tight parking. Furthermore, its lightweight design ensures any type of vehicle, from sedans to SUVs, can tow it with ease. Add the fact that it can handle various terrains, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s a perfect fit for your adventures.


You should also consider the trailer’s compatibility with your vehicle’s hitch and the total weight it will be carrying. Don’t forget to plan for any gear you might want to bring along on your kayak trips.

Efficient Loading and Unloading

Your energy should be spent paddling and enjoying the serenity of the water, not struggling to load and unload your boat. The SylvanSport GO EASY kayak trailer offers a simple and flexible approach to loading your kayak or canoe. It features a 36-inch crossbar height that is more accessible than a roof rack and allows you to load your gear with minimal effort. Whether you’re loading a 100-pound fishing kayak or several recreational boats, you’ll only have to hoist the boats to waist level with the GO EASY.


A crucial aspect of choosing the right kayak trailer is its versatility. After all, your weekend excursions may include more than just kayaking. A versatile kayak trailer, such as the SylvanSport GO EASY, ensures you can also carry SUPs, surfboards, bikes, and other gear.

E-bike owners are another popular audience for the GO EASY since these bikes tend to weigh more than traditional bikes. On average, e-bikes weigh 52-55 pounds, allowing the GO EASY to accommodate three of them. The multi-sport rack system and integrated tie-down points make it effortless to secure various types of equipment during your trips.


Look for a kayak trailer with adjustable crossbars so you can cater to the sizes of your different toys.

Storage Space

Anatomy can be everything when it comes to choosing the perfect kayak trailer. One key aspect is the availability of storage space to accommodate your gear. Many towable kayak trailers are essentially just racks on wheels, offering no space to accommodate coolers, camping chairs, or other gear for your getaway.

Clever storage features are a hallmark feature of the SylvanSport GO EASY, with versatile gear decks offered on the Essential and Ultimate models. These thoughtfully designed decks increase the trailer’s functionality while keeping it lightweight.

The Essential dear Deck provides a molded, lightweight utility trailer upgrade that lets you store and haul even more gear. If you choose the Ultimate model, you’ll have a 44″ x 43.5″ x 15″ diamond-plated deck with more space to load coolers, gear, and totes. As a bonus, you can also opt for a weatherproof 6.2 cubic feet storage box with a kayak-style hatch cover that makes accessing your belongings a piece of cake!

Ready to pick out your ideal kayak trailer? The SylvanSport GO EASY lightweight kayak trailer is a durable and versatile trailer that’s sure to check all your boxes. Our trailer can transport your kayaks, boats, and other gear safely and efficiently. Remember: there’s only one way to GO EASY! With the GO EASY, you can hit the water in style, knowing that your kayak trailer will always be ready for the next adventure.

How To Choose the Right Kayak Trailer for Your Needs


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