How the GO Camper Makes Road Trips (Even) Better

Road trips are all about flexibility. You can go wherever you want, even if you often have a destination in mind.

You can camp, sleep in a hotel, stay at a friend’s house.

You can hike, bike, kayak, and more.

There’s so much flexibility, in fact, that you might be overwhelmed, or you might have to choose some activities over others. For instance, do you take the bikes, or do you take the kayaks? And do you camp in a tent, or do you bring the camper?

With the SylvanSport GO camper, you can have it all — which is exactly what makes it the ultimate road trip camper.

There are a number of different uses that make the GO camper ideal for road trips, but to sum them all up in a sentence: GO gives you the best of a tent, the best of a camper, and the best of a gear hauler — all in one.

GO Anywhere with GO’s Tent-like Features

Tents are great because they give you a significant amount of living space in a compact package. The SylvanSport GO takes this to the max, giving you a massive family-sized living space complete with sunshade, all of which collapses into a small and manageable package.

Easy set-up, easy take-down. The GO lets you do more of what you want to do.
Easy set-up, easy take-down. GO lets you do more of what you want to do.

Camper Features Give You Comfort Everywhere

Campers are great because you can count on them to deliver the camping experience but with more space, more structure, and ultimately more comfort. GO does that in an ideal way, collapsing down to an out-of-the-way storage size, but expanding to a spacious living and sleeping area, which is exactly what you would want from a camper.

Stephanie and Ray Adams in their SylvanSport GO.
Stephanie and Ray Adams enjoying their SylvanSport GO.

Haul ALL the Gear You Want

When the SylvanSport GO isn’t expanded into a camper, its collapsed form serves as a trailer for all the gear you want to bring with you. So, put the bikes and kayaks on your GO camper — they can all come with you.

Hauling mode engaged.
Low profile, easy to load – Travel Mode.

There’s a reason National Geographic Adventure called it “The Coolest. Camper. Ever.”


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