2019 SylvanSport Year in Review

As we go into the final days of 2019, it’s always fun to look back at some of the highlights before setting out in the New Year. It feels like every year is a big one, but 2019 has been exceptionally special for us for several reasons. So, join us for just a moment to remember what made this year so great.


New Building SylvanSport

January really was the kick off to a New Year and new beginnings for SylvanSport. In 2004, SylvanSport was founded in a small 800 sq ft space where the GO camper was brought to life. In 2010, we moved into a 17,000 sq ft facility where the GO and the new GO Easy gear hauler were manufactured. Fast forward 9 years and in January 2019, we moved into our new 30,000 sq ft facility that is now the center for GOs, GO Easys, and now the all-new line of Adventure Gear and and award-winning VAST travel trailer!


VAST Awards & Accolades

We didn’t have much time to settle into our new “home” before we packed up and traveled from Brevard, NC to Salt Lake City, UT to unveil the VAST at the year’s largest RV show. We were blown away by the reception we received and left with numerous awards and media accolades, including #1 RV for Outdoor Adventure! Needless to say, we came home with pretty big smiles on our faces. ?


All Products SylvanSport

Never one to sit back and rest on our laurels, 2 months after our return from Salt Lake City, we launched the world’s more comfortable and versatile line of Adventure GEAR.


Berzowskis couple
Berzowskis travelling to Alaska

Over the last couple of years, Jim & Robin Berzowski have become true friends of SylvanSport and those that work here.  This adventurous duo are actual owners who love to travel and explore new places with their GO. They also love to share their adventures with us and in turn we created the ‘Meet the Berzowskis’ series. While we have followed along with them on past trips to Florida, New England, and the northern Rockies, this summer Jim & Robin embarked on a 12,000+ mile road trip through Canada to the top of the world in Alaska…all in their Honda CR-V & SylvanSport GO. When we hear the saying, “Living the Dream”, we can’t help but think of the Berzowskis. We can’t wait to see where 2020 takes them (and us)!


GO getter

We continually receive requests to see a GO in person or to meet an owner to get feedback on what the GO Life is all about. So, we created the GO Getter program to connect our passionate and enthusiastic GO owners with these folks to give their thoughts and offer a demo of their GO. If you are interested in seeing a GO, check out the page and complete the form. We’ll get you GOing for 2020!


couple biking

To celebrate our building and new line of Adventure GEAR, we decided to have some fun and give away a brand new GO! Folks came in from all over the country to take a tour of our new facility and enter the giveaway. We couldn’t be happier for this great couple from Virginia who are about to get married and buy their first house together! So excited to be part of their new life together. You can watch the video of the phone call where we let them know by clicking the button below.


SylvanSport Parade

Appropriately, we wrap up our year by coming home. Brevard, NC has a Christmas parade every year and we always love to be part of this annual event. For 2019, we created our longest “float” yet: 1 VAST, 3 GOs, & 4 GO Easys. That’s 105 feet of fun!

So, wow. 2019 has been quite the ride and we want to thank all of you for sharing in this adventure with us. We’ll be taking a short breather to rejuvenate with friends and family and look forward to re-connecting with everyone in 2020. We sincerely hope that everyone has a safe and merry holiday and a fantastic New Year!

4 thoughts on “2019 SylvanSport Year in Review

  1. I took a GO from the factory in Brevard all the way to my home in San Clemente Ca. I stopped at all the National parks along the southern route. Six days and the GO performed flawlessly. I’m going to finish the entire tour this summer. It was an Extraordinary experience I highly recommend It.

  2. I took an amazing GO journey this year, from NC to Portland, OR, with stops along the way. Then to Banff and Jasper in Canada for three weeks. Finally back home via northern CA and Colorado. I could never do these long trips without my GO! After a decade, we still use it all year round for moving furniture, equipment, garden supplies or other items, and of course for camping. Great product and great company!

  3. I’ve been watching and observing the development of the Go camper for nearly a decade. My wife and I even made a spur of the moment trip to the original SylvanSport facility in 2012 ( maybe 2013) and was welcomed by the staff to see the inventory and get a few questions answered by the eager to please staff. I longed for the time when I would be able to purchase a Go camper. This past September, the time came and I’ve already enjoyed a couple camping trips. Each time, I welcomed curious camping neighbors into the Go and proudly shared info about this “made in the US (specifically NC)” product. Here’s hoping for some reasonable weather in the next couple of weeks to be able to spend a few nights in the woods, here in western NC. Thanks for producing so many great products. Happy New Year to all the folks of SylvanSport. Your work enables us outdoorsy folks to live happy lives!

  4. Best wishes to everyone at Sylvansport for a healthy, happy, and productive new year!!
    We’re looking forward to visiting in 2020, as we head down south with our GO, in a couple months, to camp in the warmer climate 🙂

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