What I Learn Camping with Mom

Camping is About so Much More Than Time in a Tent

Sasha, a GO Camper Owner, shares her experiences camping with her mom and daughter

We know you enjoy camping now, but did you grow up camping or did you recently get in to it? 

Sasha: I can remember camping with my mom as a kid. We did not have a ton of money, but that didn’t stop my parents from getting out and exploring. We went on many road trips which included a lot of camping in tents and pop up campers. 

You’ve traveled all over the world, on many solo trips, where do you think this love for adventure comes from? 

Sasha: My love of  travel and camping continues today because of my mom. In addition to exploring the world and experiencing new cultures, I also really enjoy camping and spending time in nature and with my family. Now, my mom and I are able to continue camping together with the GO, just the two of us, Sometimes we catch people lingering around when we pull in the campground like, “Are they really going to set that whole thing up by themselves?” and of course, we do. ???? 

How would you describe your
 with your mom?

Sasha: My mom is not only a role model, but a best friend. She always keeps me grounded and encourages me to strive for my goals. I want to raise my own daughter to be strong, independent, and adventurous – just like her. 


Now with a daughter of your own, what does camping mean to you?

Sasha: When my daughter and I are camping I know it’s about so much more than time in a tent. I believe camping and travel is so important – especially for young women. It teaches you self-reliance, strength, independence, an appreciation for the natural world, and how to really focus on what it important in life. These are the things I know I continue to learn from my mom and our camping trips together, and I love that I am creating these same memories with my daughter.





The GO camper was created so you can get out and do more of what you love, like creating memories together outdoors.

Three Generations of Women in the Outdoors

What do you enjoy about camping?

What I learn camping with mom

Maya – Sasha’s daughter

“When I’m outdoors, I always learn again and again how big and adventure-packed the world is. It keeps surprising me again and again. There are always new trees to climb in the forest, new leaves to make little leaf boats, and new friends to do it with. It honestly makes going back inside and watching cartoons sort of boring. I like camping a lot. Who doesn’t? There are campfires, s’mores, and sometimes boating.”

What I learn camping with mom

Sasha Sullivan

“When I camp I need to feel like I’m camping and a part of nature. The GO provides that but its way more comfortable & substantial than a ground tent. I feel secure in the trailer.  I love the independence the GO provides, not only can I pull it with my car (That’s amazing) but I can also set everything up by myself.

This whole GO set up allows us to explore so many parts of North America creating memories along the way. I can camp solo, with my mom, a girls trip, just my daughter and I – so many options!
What I learn camping with mom

Clarissa – Sasha’s Mom

“I like challenging myself to keep up with my daughter. I forget my age when we’re out doing these adventures together. We are friends, and I enjoy having this time camping together with Sasha. Also, I was always the “taskmaster” for planning the camping trips when she was growing up so now I get to enjoy the trip without planning all the logistics. I just help her tetris all the totes and gear on the deck of the GO and anything else she needs. And I know you didn’t ask for a GO review, but I gotta say that the GO is just too cool. “

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How empowering is it for women to get out and experience nature/camping on their own?

I am a huge proponent of solo female travel & adventures. I have traveled solo to Indonesia, the Balkans, India, and numerous trips here in the US. On a related note, I also travel with just my daughter very often as well – Bangladesh for service, Paris, Egypt, Mexico, Belgium, etc…
When it comes to my daughter, I live by the motto, “Be the woman I want my daughter to become.” This means being adventurous, independent, curious, active, open to new experiences, resourceful, worldly, meeting new people, trying challenging things. I often tell her that you have to sometimes get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and that can be the price of admission to great experiences.
I am constantly encouraging other women (especially moms in my age range) to live fully and not be confined by what they’ve been taught is acceptable or have grown to believe are their limits.

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  1. This sounds such like my mother and I and also my daughter and I. Twenty years ago at 68 my mom became a certified firefighter on our volunteer department. After a solo trip the year following Dad’s passing to reconnect with friends all over the western US. Now I am 60 and understand why these adventures were so important for and how teaching the girls and young women in your life that nothing is more important then family and the adventure out there. With our new Go (February 2022) my daughter and I are telling our own adventure stories, taking photos, hiking and biking the trails and now paddling the path less traveled.

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