What are we made of?

At SylvanSport, beauty is more than just skin deep. Right down to our bones, we are fun, adventurous, intentional, and practical. That’s why we burn the midnight oil toiling over every component, process, and design choice that we make.

GO Anatomy Lesson of the Day (GALD)


GO aluminum extrusions front view

The SylvanSport GO Camper is designed for the 21st century, both in how you see it and how you use it. The GO is also engineered to be lightweight, versatile, and ready for a lifetime of adventures. That’s why at its very core, aluminum is the material of choice for the frame, rack, deck, & wheels. Basically the entire skeleton of the GO is made from aluminum. But why? Let”s go to today’s GALD to find out!

Strong & Durable

What are WE made of? SylvanSport
What are WE made of? SylvanSport

When properly engineered & skillfully welded, aluminum is the perfect choice for a lightweight camping trailer. The aluminum components on the GO are custom extruded for optimal strength and function. Our TIG welders are master craftspeople who take pride in creating welds that are not only strong, but beautiful as well (even the welds that are hidden!).


Cooper Mini GO Camper

Just because a camper is strong, doesn’t mean that it has to weigh you down. By using an aluminum frame, the GO is able to tip the scales at a svelte 840lbs (381kg). What does that mean for you? No special tow vehicle needed. Easy to handle in the turns and not terrifying when braking. And, when you get to the campsite, simply unhitch the GO and push into place!


Go trailer with van

Not to get too technical here, but when aluminum surfaces are exposed to the atmosphere, a thin invisible oxide skin forms immediately, which protects the metal from further oxidation. This self-protecting characteristic gives aluminum its high resistance to corrosion and weathering. While not really needed, we add a durable powder-coating to many of the aluminum components to help keep your GO looking as awesome as it did the day you brought it home.

Infinitely Recyclable

Recycling Aluminum SylvanSport

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, meaning that no new materials are introduced along the way. In fact, more than two-thirds of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. At SylvanSport, we love this fact and recycle all of our scrap aluminum materials.

At SylvanSport, we design products with the best materials, so you can focus on enjoying your adventure, whether you’re in your backyard or going across the country. Learn more about why National Geographic Adventure magazine called the GO, the ‘Coolest. Camper. Ever.’.

4 thoughts on “What are we made of?

  1. Hi!

    My name is Bruce Sonner. I am a longtime owner of the Go Camper. I love the camper, but I find that there are a few needed accessories that need to be improved. ILast year, the windows failed in the material of the tent. I believe that they are adheres by a heat treated method or glued in or both. but never less it failed. I removed the tent material from the camper and had a tent and canvas maker sew in new sew in new windows. the old ones had also yellowed. Also there is a pin that broke off holding the table in place. the velcro holding the canvas on the rail on the top bulkhead would not hold and had to be replaced. I would also add that the fold down step needs some stick on 3=m granular adheasion tape on it as it is very slippery when wet. I have limited abliities and would appreciate some kind of railing designed to accomidate entrance and exit from the camper.
    These items list my problems that I have incurred during during my 8 years that i have had ownership of my camper. Overall, I have enjoyed the camper, there needs to be some improvements
    I also need to add that early on most of the inflatable pads failed and leaked beond repair and had to be replaced.

    Thank. You!
    Bruce Sonner

    1. Hi Bruce. Love to hear from longtime GO owners, but definitely sorry to hear you’ve had some issues. Reach out to us at or 828-393-4927 and we’ll help you get your GO back in tip-top shape!

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