Tips and Advice for Camping With Your Furry Friend

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life can be refreshing, and camping is one of the best ways to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer. But what about your furry friend? Leaving them behind might seem like a huge bummer, so why not bring them along and make it a true adventure for everyone involved? Below, we’ll discuss some tips and advice for camping with your furry friend so that you can make your trip for two enjoyable, safe, and full of memories worth cherishing.

Research Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Before packing your bags and setting off on your adventure, it’s important to ensure the campground you plan to visit is pet friendly. Many campgrounds have specific rules and designated areas for pets, so make sure to double-check the camp’s website or give them a call before finalizing your plans.

Visit the Vet Before You Go

Before hitting the great outdoors with your furry friend, schedule a quick visit to your veterinarian. It’s crucial to ensure your pet is up to date on vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, and any necessary medications before venturing into the wilderness. Your vet can also provide valuable insight into any potential hazards or common ailments that campers and their pets should be aware of in a certain area.

Plan Pet-Friendly Activities

Your furry companion doesn’t want to be stuck at the campsite all day. They want to join you on your adventures! Take the time to look up pet-friendly trails and other outdoor activities, such as playing fetch or Frisbee, swimming or splashing in designated dog-friendly bodies of water, or even taking a scenic drive through the area so that your pet can enjoy the sights and smells of nature from the car window.

Invest in Pet Camping Gear

Our next piece of advice for camping with your furry friend is to invest in some essential pet camping gear, such as:

  • A durable, waterproof pet bed or sleeping pad to keep your buddy comfortable during the night
  • Collapsible food and water dishes that can conveniently fit in your backpack
  • A strong leash and harness for safe exploration and hikes
  • Biodegradable pet waste bags to make sure you’re a responsible camper and leave no trace
  • A pet-specific first aid kit that includes bandages, tweezers, gauze, and a tick remover

It may also be worthwhile to invest in a shelter that’s sturdier and more comfortable than a basic ground tent. At SylvanSport, we have state-of-the-art camper trailers for sale. Our offering includes the award-winning GO camper trailer, a spacious pop-up camper that sleeps up to 4 campers and the TraiLOFT micro camper that is a favorite option for couples or solo campers traveling with pets. The TraiLOFT is suitable for cats and small dogs whereas the GO Camper has the capacity to accommodate larger breeds. Our trailers provide the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and convenience for both you and your pup. With the help of our experienced staff, you can find the perfect trailer for your camping adventures with your furry friend. If you have questions about our campers or want to see the products in more detail, contact us to set up a Discovery Call or Virtual Demo. Our knowledgeable staff in Brevard, North Carolina would be happy to speak with you about your next camping adventure!

Armed with these helpful tips, you and your furry friend will be ready to experience the joys of camping together. Remember to respect the environment, take tons of photos, and cherish every moment you spend enjoying the great outdoors with your pet.


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