SylvanSport Launches 40-day Giveaway with New Camping App “The Dyrt”

Celebrating America’s Outdoors – $10,000 GO Camper Grand Prize


Brevard, NC – MARCH 20th, 2017–Continuing SylvanSport’s commitment to innovative campaigns and partnerships, the company is partnering with new camping app (Android and iOS) “The Dyrt,” a better way to search for campgrounds, similar to Yelp but for camping.

Together, the two companies have partnered with over 20 outdoor brands to celebrate America’s outdoors on a virtual content-rich road trip, while at the same time giving away daily prizes and a $10,000 SylvanSport GO Camper as the grand prize. The #GetOutAndGO campaign runs March 20th – April 28th, and you can follow along – as well as enter to win the daily and grand prize – at

Last week, The Dyrt launched their mobile app for finding campsites across the US. SylvanSport and 20+ other brands have jumped at the opportunity to partner with this new powerhouse in the outdoor space. The Dyrt has put over 4,000+ development hours into their app, which makes it easier to search and find campsites.

The sweepstakes is a 40-day virtual road trip across the US, and SylvanSport is the national sponsor. As the national sponsor, they are giving away a $10,000 SylvanSport GO.

This campaign is built around one simple truth: America has incredible outdoor spaces—spaces worth celebrating. Sometimes we look to popular national parks and long to be among their trees and hiking their trails, but in reality the outdoor spaces across our country are great, not just in the Yosemites or Yellowstones we’re so used to seeing. SylvanSport, The Dyrt, and 20+ brands are highlighting the fact that, sometimes, the best outdoor spaces aren’t all the way across the country. In fact, they are often right under our noses and in our backyards. This campaign highlights and celebrates those spaces. From Georgia to Ohio to Mississippi to the Rocky Mountians and the west coast, we have a lot to celebrate, and what better way than with a 40-day media-rich trip with 20+ outdoor brands and a SylvanSport GO Camper Grand Prize.


About SylvanSport

SylvanSport is the US-based manufacturer of the award-winning GO Camping Trailer and the revolutionary ‘GO Easy’ Adventure Trailer. GO has been called the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers and the Coolest. Camper. Ever. by National Geographic Adventure. The all-new ‘GO Easy’ is the most innovative and feature-packed bike, boat and cargo hauling, utility/camping trailer on the market. For more information, visit our website


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