Ready to GO: 4 Key Camping Gear Containers

If you like to camp, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get out the door. The camping itself is a joy, but wrangling all your gear (let alone gear for your friends or family) can be a major blocker to getting out the door.

A camping gear container is a great way to make it easier to get out the door. These containers can live in your garage, can collapse out of site, or can live in your trunk. Stuff them with your essential camping gear to make sure you’re always ready to GO!

1. Durable, cheap classic plastic bin


Ah, the classic bin. It’s hard to go wrong with a 45-gallon hard-walled storage bin. Everything you need can stay safe and sound under its lid, and you can easily label these bins to differentiate your Camping bin from your Cookout bin.

Get the classic bin here.

2. Flexible mesh bag for the backseat or trunk


A classic bag from a bygone era, you might not have seen a mesh bag since you last played soccer or carried one as a gym bag. But they’re still around, and they make great, flexible storage options. Put all your gear in one of these bags and leave it in the trunk. Any time you need more trunk space, easily move it to the side or throw it in the back seat.

Get the mesh bag here.

3. Modular Hauler 4 for the most organized campers


The Modular Hauler 4 from Mountainsmith is an organizer’s dream. 4 different bags make it easy to separate categories of items and the encompassing tote lets you carry them all at once, from house to car to campsite.

Get the Modular Hauler here.

4. Collapsible container if you’re tight on space


These are great for storing and transporting your gear to the campsite, and then collapsing out of sight while you enjoy the fire and campsite activities. Don’t want to keep track of a massive bin at the campsite? Don’t! Collapse it and store it in the back of your car.

Go collapsible here.


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