Meet the Berzowskis Spring 2019: Heading Out

Jim and Robin are back on the road again in search of warmer weather. On this trip, the Berzowskis are heading towards the Keys in their Honda CR-V and towing their GO! Along the way, they are stopping at SylvanSport dealers and giving them a little taste of the GO Life.


Here we GO again!

It has been such a wonderful Wisconsin winter – I love snow and we’ve had lots of it, but promises are promises and I’ve agreed that at least a month of each winter would be in warm weather!

We’ve decided to set up a bit differently this year, mainly in prep for our summer trip to Alaska.  Last summer, as we camped in bear country (Glacier National Park, US and Banff National Park, Canada), we found we did a fair amount of shuffling gear around as we unpacked.  We traveled with almost all the gear in the GO and the bedding and duffle bags in the car.  This meant we unloaded everything from the GO, set up the tent, moved the bedding from the car to the tent, and moved the kitchen bin, pantry, and coolers into the car (needs to be stored in a hard-sided vehicle).

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

We purchased a car rooftop carrier for our CRV; loaded that with our inflatable kayak, the paddles, our new GOzeebo, hiking poles, and pumps. The kayak had been in the GO trunk (frunk?), so this freed up space there for our towels, bedding, and mattresses (our tools and chocks were also in the frunk, and still fit there).

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out
Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

We put the bear desirable items in the back of the car.  There are now fewer items that need to be packed (and unpacked) in the GO!  We realized that without the larger, firmer items in the GO, the smaller items could possibly slip through the GO sides.  As many other GO owners have done, we decided to add panels to the GO.  Next thing I knew, Jim was showing me some plans for panels with greatly increased functionality – as benches!  After a few design discussions, Jim created these masterpieces:

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out
Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

We put in the panels and loaded in our sports bin, CLAM dining tent, fishing poles, grill duffle, chairs, and table.

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out
Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out
Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

We cranked the pod down, strapped up the step, popped the bikes on top, and left the snow behind!!

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

As we headed south, we visited with the good folks at Summit RV in Ashland, Kentucky.  We were met by Robert, the sales manager.

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out
Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

Robert gathered up a bunch of the sales staff and we talked about actual traveling and camping with the GO. Their resident GO expert is Matt, who keeps up on GO news by tracking down Earl every few weeks – wherever he is!!  All the sales staff we met are very knowledgeable about the GO and they have sold a number of them.  We answered their questions and gave a few suggestions to pass on to purchasers (use gloves when lowering the stabilizer jacks, use the stabilizer jacks and chocks before stepping into the GO, level before raising or lowering, and always secure the step before driving!).  They were especially interested to know what extras we purchased/use (Thule bike racks on the GO, GOzeebo) and in the mods we’ve made (extra spare tires, panels/benches).  Can’t imagine how the subject came up, but they also talked about fishing – I think Jim was telling them how big a catch he had…

Berzowskis Spring Adventure: Heading Out

We also met with Pamela, who is scoping out the GO for when she retires fulltime.  She wanted to find out more about the GO from actual GO owners.  We answered her questions about EVERTHING!  She is an educated consumer and really liked that the GO’s low weight can be towed by almost any car, the ease of set up, the ability to accommodate her ‘toys’, and the GO’s versatility.  We went into the Summit RV showroom for her to see the GO set up and she saw our GO, LEO (Low Earth Orbiter) with the mods we’ve made.

So, take a look at their schedule and stop by to hear real stories from real GO owners! Contact us to let us know that you would like to meet them at a specific dealer and we’ll make sure they are ready for you!

Next stop – the birthplace of the GO, Brevard, NC!!!

6 thoughts on “Meet the Berzowskis Spring 2019: Heading Out

  1. Hi Max,
    Come to the US and see the GO in person! They are available at many dealerships across the US.
    By the way, years ago, we hosted a high school exchange student from Brazil! She is still close to our hearts ?
    Regards, Robin and Jim

  2. Olá !
    Sou do Brasil e acho maravilhosa esta Sylvansport GO !!
    Gostaria u dia ter a oportunidade de ver de perto.
    Parabéns !!!

  3. Hi. Today is Tuesday and you will be at Camping World of Ocala (FL) on Saturday March 22nd per your previous schedule. I bought a GO and would like to meet you. However, There is Camping World of Ocala but it is located in Summerfield, FL, just North of The Villages on Hwy 27/441.
    There is also Camping World IN Ocala at the Gander Outdoors store. Please tell me which location to plan to be at and what time you will be there. I’m only 7 miles from Summerfield but about 30 miles from the Gander Outdoors.
    Your response is appreciated,
    John Merli

    1. Hi John,
      We will be at the Gander Outdoors – Ocala location on March 21st, THURSDAY morning around 9 am.
      Look forward to meeting you ?!
      Robin and Jim

  4. Hope the bear doesn’t try to get to your food in the car! Last fall a bear destroyed the door n interior of a SUV outside Brevard to get in the car – on Slick Rock Mountain! Don’t think I ever told Tom about that!
    Now you’ll get to see the new VAST in Brevard – awesome award they received for it! And visit the great folks there!
    Happy Camping! Look forward to following you on your trip!

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