Meet the Berzowskis Part 1: Indiana

Jim and Robin are off and running in their GO (nicknamed LEO – ‘Low Earth Orbiter’) on their 5 week Tour of the East! In search for adventure, and some warmer weather ☀️, the Berzowskis left the wintery weather of Milwaukee, WI and headed south towards Florida. Along the way, they stopped at a couple of SylvanSport dealers and gave them a little taste of the GO Life. Here is their first check in after their stop in Indianapolis, IN with Modern Trailer Sales!

Berzowskis: Indiana

Indianpolis, IN – Modern Trailer Sales

What nice people! We were greeted warmly by Tami, Allison, and Christy (we don’t think it was just the Quack Daddy Donuts, but who knows..)  We talked about the GO and some of the great features.

Berzowskis: Indiana
Berzowskis: Indiana

With the Indianapolis Boat, Sports and Travel show going on, we met with the sales group that was not at the show: Chris, Mark, Adonica and Gerald.  Answered questions and pointed out features that we love.  Chris told us about an older couple, late 60s-70s, that was unsure at first, then thrilled that they could manage the set up with no difficulty. Adonica, who recently sold a GO, enthusiastically talked about it ☺

With most of the action going on at the Indianapolis State Fairground, Christy gave us tickets to the show and we went over to hang out at the GO display for the rest of the afternoon.  There were two GOs set up, one in camping mode and one in transport mode.  Talked to lots of folks!!  Jim’s most used line was – “do you know that these are the same?”  Even though the banner said it, MOST visitors did not realize and were totally intrigued…it brought them in to see and ask more.  Many people were delighted! Some like the transport capabilities – we gave our real life examples and then talked about the camping features.  Or they loved the camper and we waxed eloquent about the utility and transport values.  For questions about gear and travel, we whipped out pictures of the different configurations we have used to carry our stuff. Robin was asked if she has a franchise because she is such a good sales person?

Berzowskis: Indiana

We answered lots of questions about set up (ease, timing, etc.), waterproofness, capacity, gas mileage, weight, etc.

Berzowskis: Indiana

Had to keep reiterating that we are not sales people, but real owners, and gave them the card for Modern Trailer.  It was a lot of fun!

Be sure to check out their itinerary and if you’re in the area, stop by and say “hi”! And if you’ve been wanting to get some real stories and feedback from actual GO owners, this is your chance!

Meet the Berzowskis!

To make sure your schedule lines up with theirs, click the button below, let us know at which dealership and time you would like to meet and we’ll let them know.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Berzowskis Part 1: Indiana

  1. Hi,
    I am located in Milwaukee and am would love to see a Go kayak trailer and camper. Is there a dealer close to me here in WI where I could go and see it and learn more about it?
    Jo Ann

  2. Looking forward to meeting you guys here in Jacksonville on Monday. Will you be at the Beach Blvd (Jacksonville) or Blanding Blvd location (Orange Park)? What time?

    We saw the GO for the first time yesterday and fell in love!

    1. Hi Angie and David,
      We will start at the Beach Blvd location on Monday morning, planning to arrive by 9:30am. We’ll see if the team would like us to also visit the Orange Park location in the afternoon. Can’t wait to meet you and tell you about our love story with our GO!

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