Meet the Berzowskis Alaska Adventure: Homeward Bound!

Jim and Robin are heading to Alaska! The Honda CR-V is packed and their trusty GO, L.E.O. (Low-Earth Orbiter), is ready for adventure. Follow along and get a taste of #myGOlife…Berzowski-style!

As we left Glacier National Park, our trip odometer went from 9,999 to zero!  We were excitedly watching to see it turn to 10,000 miles, so it took us by surprise ? Regardless, we’ve covered a lot of ground!

We realized as we traveled back into more populated areas, that we could no longer count on arriving at a campground in the afternoon and obtaining a campsite.  Therefore, we decided to drive to West Yellowstone and stay in a hotel for the night (with the extra benefit of having showers!!) Jim decided to try on a many gallon hat to see what it might feel like to ride on the range.

Berzowskis Alaska Adventure

The drive to Grand Teton National Park brought us through the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park.  We began to see the evidence of geothermal activity.


At the entrance to Colter Bay Campground, we saw a sign asking campers not to feed the foxes.  Then we watched a fox carrying a plastic shopping bag, presumably filled with trash, cross the road.  Seems like you don’t need to feed them, as they get their own!

Anyway, our plan worked, and when we arrived early at Colter Bay Campground, we obtained a nice large site, with a level ‘driveway’ for the GO and plenty of room to also set up our GOzeebo, for my California brother who was joining us there.

GO Camper

After setting up camp, we took a drive to see the Tetons – they sure are grand!!


On our first full day in the park, we decided to hike around Jenny Lake.  It was a beautiful day and the sights were phenomenal.

Berzowskis Alaska Adventure

 After the exhilarating hike, we drove along the range and decided to go up to the top of Signal Mountain.  On the way, we saw a stately elk along with a buck in velvet.


And from the top, we got a different perspective of the Tetons and incredible views of the valleys.


Waiting for dinner, brother Steve serenaded us with his haunting harmonica hymns (ok, they weren’t hymns, but I really like alliteration!)

Berzowskis Alaska Adventure

The following day, we drove a bit further south.  The mountains were unbelievably stunning.


And our hike to Taggart Lake was awesome.


Back at camp, Steve perfected the art of the nap, while Jim grilled fantastic fajitas ?

men cooking campfire

Sightseeing was on the agenda for the following day. Even though we got an early start trying to avoid the late season crowds at Yellowstone, there was still a backup at the part entrance.  But it was worth it!


On our last full day at Grand Teton National Park, we hiked along the Jackson Lake from our campground.  We continued to have beautiful weather.

Not to be outdone by Steve, Jim showed that he could nap in the hammock also…so Steve found a bench!

Having reached the lower latitudes and expecting to actually experience darkness at night, we decided to enjoy campfires on our last camping nights of this epic journey!

GO Camper campground

And with that, after just over 9 weeks, we packed up camp for the last time. In less than a week, we would be home! We spent a night in Cody, Wyoming.


And drove through Badlands National Park.

Go Camper with bike racks

And then we were in Sioux Falls, SD, visiting our good friends, Chad and Amanda, and their boys, Wil and Owen.  Wil showed me how to create a fighter jet and Owen showed Jim something, not sure what!

kid playing
kid playing with men

We went to the airshow and watched the Thunderbirds ?


The boys became jets and flew around the yard!

Berzowskis Alaska Adventure

And then…we were on our way home, the final 500 miles.

We pulled into the driveway after 10 weeks on the road and 12,325 miles.

It was a truly life altering experience.

men washing his GO Trailer
Meet the Berzowskis Alaska Adventure: Homeward Bound!

The big question that loomed in both Jim’s and my minds as we approached home: where to next?!?!

We have some ideas…but first, everything needs a thorough cleaning, mail needs to be sorted, and the gardens need to be tended ?

14 thoughts on “Meet the Berzowskis Alaska Adventure: Homeward Bound!

  1. HELLO!! i notice in a couple pics that you have a spare tire mounted on each side of the trailer? is it a custom bracket or the bracket Sylvansport has for underneath? also where did you get the tire cover?

    1. Hi Bryan. The Berzowskis had the side tire mounts custom made for them and the covers are generic covers that they put GO stickers on. Thanks!

  2. My wife and I are leaving Chattanooga TN and heading out to the (left) west coast for 5-6 weeks in our GO. We have had it for several years and now we have found the time. We are taking our bikes and I saw that you tied them to the side of the GO for your first trip and now you have them on the top. First, why did you switch there position and second, how did they ride on the top (stablility and gas milage)?

    Thanks Rob and Traci Paden

    1. Hi Susan,
      We hope you are enjoying your GO!
      When it is very cold, we use organic heat – we sleep together!! Jim created side panels that convert to benches, and we use one of the benches to extend one of the beds so we can both fit, without having to use the entire tent. When we expect to be in colder weather, we have our heavy joined sleeping bags and wool blanket on top. I usually also wear a hoody, so my neck stays warm and Jim sometimes sleeps with a hat. One time, at a site with electricity, we used a very small heater on the floor; it worked nicely to keep us toasty warm!
      This link shows the side panels:
      And this link shows the bench extension for the bed:
      Have fun GOing!!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventure with your LEO! I’m about to leave on my own three month adventure and have gleaned a lot of information from your posts. Being a single almost 65 years young female, I hope to inspire others as you have inspired and challenged me. Get some rest and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

    1. Hi Julie,
      Have a wonderful adventure!! I’ll bet you will cover a lot of ground in 3 months and hopefully get to really know some of the people and places you visit. Maybe we’ll see you on the road 🙂 You are an inspiration! (I’ll hit that birthday milestone in June!)
      Travel safely and have FUN.

  4. Awesome that you did a trip like this! Was just curious as to what kind of gas mileage you averaged, if you kept track

    1. Hi Donald,
      With our CRV, we normally average 28 to 29 miles per gallon. Towing our fully-loaded GO, we usually get an average of 21 miles per gallon. It tows like a dream, we’re very happy with it!

  5. Welcome back! I’m most curious if you needed the spare tires? We are headed out in June from TN to Colorado, Jackson, Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier…our first real trip…. we are nervous! I have so many questions and would be interested in speaking with you. It seems that every time we get our GO out it rains the entire time….thinking of hiring us out for drought prevention. ?
    I look forward to your next adventure….you are the reason we are going on this adventure!
    Thank you!

      1. Hi Marcia,
        We are so glad we’ve inspired you to take an adventure!!
        Don’t be nervous, but do be flexible enough to roll with the punches – part of an adventure is encountering the unexpected ?
        Fortunately, we did not need to use our spare tires. For the thousands of miles that we’ve traveled with our GO in the “lower 48”, the spare that comes with the GO was sufficient. However, for this trip, the ability to purchase to tires in the remote areas was minimal, and we frequently traveled on gravel or unpaved roads, so we mounted the extra spares.
        If you find a way to insure sunny skies, please let us know!! We’ve had our share of camping and packing up in the rain. Fortunately, we’ve stayed cosy and dry in the GO. Also, when we’ve packed the GO up soaking wet in driving rain, it dried out quickly when opened up at our next sites.
        Have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  6. 1 quick question. What were the starting and ending dates of this tour? It’s being posted in late January, but there are pics of greenery and flowers. Just curious. I really enjoy reading your travel blogs. Thanks!

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