Meet the Berzowskis Summer Edition: Cascade Mountains

Jim and Robin are back on the road in their GO (nicknamed LEO – ‘Low Earth Orbiter’) on an adventure through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Alberta & Manitoba! Along the way, they are stopping at SylvanSport dealers and giving them a little taste of the GO Life.

After a long but beautiful drive from Montana, we arrived at my brother’s just east of the Cascade Mountain. As we packed up wet when leaving Glacier, we opened up our GO to dry off. Some of the family watched, witnessing how the coolest camper ever blossoms! We put up the awning also, to keep our bins out of the hot sun. But it is amazing how quickly the tent dries!

It is lovely and relaxing to hang out at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s idyllic home in the foothills of the mountains, right under Mt Bonaparte. Of course, it was fantastic to have a hot shower at hand!!

On the 4th of July, we headed out to the Chesaw Rodeo! It is a tiny town, with a real small-town rodeo. We’d never even heard of wild cow milking! They let loose a number of range beef cows (NOT milk cows) and teams had to rope one, get some milk, and present it to the judges. Let me tell you, these cows were not happy and did not make it easy!! Amazingly, several teams actually completed the task. There was also a wild horse race – they released wild (unbroken) horses which teams had to rope/catch, get a saddle on it, and ride it. Didn’t surprise us that no one completed this impossible task!

On the 5th, we hiked with my brother’s family on the Virginia Lily trail, through some old-growth forest with views of the Okanogan Highlands. It was shocking to hear and see cattle amongst the trees in some areas of this open range national forest.

My other two siblings and their spouses arrived later that day, in time for dinner. This week was living in gourmet heaven, with food directly from their garden, meals created by each sibling and incredible home-made baked goods by my sister-in-law.

Saturday was our keystone event, hiking Mt Bonaparte as a memorial tribute to our parents. It was a beautiful and challenging hike, with fantastic views from the ranger fire tower at the summit.

The next day we relaxed with a tour of their land, rousing games of croquet, topped off with homemade pizzas, expertly prepared in their outdoor oven (built by my brother).

On July 9th, we packed up, including my sister and brother-in-law, and headed for Banff National Park in Canada. Due to their additional gear, we traveled with the GO in transport mode – with plenty of room to spare.

Next stop:

Banff, Canada!

8 thoughts on “Meet the Berzowskis Summer Edition: Cascade Mountains

  1. Hello from Quetico Park in Ontario! We are currently hiking and paddling in this serene 450,000 hectare conservation park and it is such a pleasure to come home to our GO trailer each night. We have been getting a lot of visitors each evening wanting to have a look at our super cool trailer ?

    We are from Manitoba and wanted to suggest you stop at Deep Lake on the western edge of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. There are only a few sites at this beautiful, out of the way camping spot, and they are perfect for a GO! We have really enjoyed your blog -Enjoy the rest of your journey!!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Lianne!
      We’re actually home now, the blogs are lagging behind! We will put Deep Lake Campground on our list for our next trip through Canada?
      Have fun GOing!!

  2. So much family fun! I also was out West in Montana early June, then Idaho and hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains. Next stop with my GO was Crater Lake. Awesome adventure on my first trip with the GO – 8975 miles later I am back in Western NY planning my next trip. Love th Sylvan GO with its ease of setup and takedown. As a solo traveler meeting up with friends along the way it was sure nice to be able to set up camp in minutes. Can’t wait to see what your next share will be like!

  3. I love their Packer’ license-plate on their GO! In our state (SC), we are required to have a state registration plate. I’d be right in there with them as a fellow cheese-head, if I could! Thanks for this newsletter inspiration.

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