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Coolest. Camper. Ever. Adventure Contest Winner #1: Ready to Hit the Road!

Last summer, we asked all of you to put into words what your dream adventure with a SylvanSport GO lightweight camper would look like. After an overwhelming response, we picked the top 3 entries and are giving them the chance to live out their dream with a GO pop up camper and a ton of cool gear. After all the adventuring is to be had, one of the 3 finalists will be selected to take home that GO pop up camper for their very own. We announced the 3 finalists last fall, and in case you don’t remember, they were: Aaron Smith, Gregory Heil, and Meghan Wolfgram. As each one gets closer to their their trip, we’ll give you highlights on who they are and their dream GO adventure.

Spring is only a couple of days away and our first finalist, Meghan Wolfgram, is just about to hit the road for 3 months on her “Swift Paws – GO with Me Tour”! Her tour is the result of a little luck, a lot of planning, and a community mission. Meghan and her k9 companion, Pretzel, will be camping their way up the east coast and into Canada this March-May, hitting 10 destination cities and running a public dog lure-chasing event at each stop. Everyone’s invited to bring their dogs out for a day of fun and philanthropy. Each event will benefit a local dog charity and Meghan’s got two very specific charity goals: Raise as much as the GO costs ($7,995) and as much dog food as the GO weighs (840 lbs).

If you’re not familiar with dog lure courses, they are a great way to give your dog (regardless of size) great exercise and mentally stimulate them as well. Imagine a toy race car track with one of those handles that you pull the trigger to make the car move and you get the basic idea of the Swift Paws dog lure. Their “Sport Model” reaches speeds of over 40 mph with a course length of 500′ and the “Pro Model” does over 60 mph with course lengths over 1000′. And you change direction with the flip of a switch on the handle. Check out this video to see one in action.


She has a big itinerary in front of her and will have some good “get to know you” time with the GO lightweight camper. If you’re in the area of one of her stops, swing by, say hi, and give Pretzel a little pat on the head while your at it. You can find the list of stops on her website, Adventure Wolf.

We’re big fans of our canine friends and love what Meghan is doing. We’ll keep you posted on each of her events and how it’s going. You can also read more about her at: Adventure Wolf or Swift Paws. Good luck, Meghan!


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  1. Meghan, I think what you are doing/have done is really wonderful and I’m not done checking it all out, but… Not to rain on your parade but I was dismayed to see you in a kayak without a life jacket for you or Pretzel. Please, the technology is well advanced in the comfort department and you need to be safe. If Pretzel fell overboard, there is no telling what would happen next. With very best wishes.

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