5 Ways To Thrive While Camping in the Rain

The weather can be unpredictable, and sometimes, a blue, sunny sky can swiftly transform into an overcast, rainy one. But just because the weather isn’t cooperating doesn’t mean you need to cancel your camping trip or cut it short. Camping in the rain can be an exciting and relaxing experience so long as you prepare for it properly. To help you, here are five ways to thrive while camping in the rain.

Bring a Solid, Waterproof Tent

Our first tip for thriving while camping in the rain is to choose your shelter carefully. Your tent will be your main respite from the rain, so you’ll want to use a sturdy, waterproof tent to keep the weather out. While a standard thick-fabric tent will do the trick, a hard-top tent works even better, since you won’t have to worry about rain soaking through the material or wind blowing the tent open. A hard-shell rooftop tentprovides even more protection, since it will sit above ground and won’t soak up moisture from the soil or flood.

Wear Rainproof Apparel

If you wear normal clothes while it’s raining, you’ll find yourself quickly soaked to the bone. Make sure to pack waterproof clothing items. Wool or synthetic fabrics are moisture-wicking and ideal for shirts and pants. You’ll also want to cover yourself with a jacket or poncho. Thick hiking boots or rubber boots will protect your feet from wet, slippery mud. And in case you get wet, you should pack a spare set of clothing you can change into.

Use a Cooking Stove

Starting a campfire while it’s pouring is no easy task. We recommend bringing a camp stove to cook on in rainy conditions. Set up your stove in a dry area, like under a tree or a tarp—never in your tent or another enclosed area—and cook up a storm.

Light it Up

When the sky is clear and blue, the sun provides ample illumination throughout the day. But on cloudy, showery days, the sky falls dark, limiting your vision. To help you see and get around your campsite, bring LED string lights and lanterns to strew about the area. This will make navigating your campground easier and safer, and it will also create a warm, ambient glow that’s comfortingly cozy.

Plan Rainy Day Activities

Rain may limit your freedom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun during gloomy weather. There are plenty of camping activities you can take part in while it’s raining. For example, you can embark on a simple, leisurely trail hike or cozy up in your tent with a good book or tabletop game.

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