5 Ways To Protect Your Campsite From Bugs and Pests

Nature is beautiful and a joy to spend time in, but there’s one minor thing that kills its vibe: pests. Nobody likes dealing with blood-hungry mosquitos or trash-stealing raccoons on their camping trip. But what if we told you there are ways to protect your campsite from bugs and pests and enjoy nature? Read our tips here.

Use Sprays or Creams

A traditional way to keep bugs away is to douse yourself—or your campsite—in spray or cream. Body sprays and creams work by masking your scent, which messes with the receptors on an insect’s antennae and keeps them away from you. You can also get sprays for other kinds of pests. There are peppermint-based options that potentially keep raccoons away, for example!

Avoid Scented Perfumes & Toiletries

Certain scents attract pests. If you don’t want that to happen, it’s best to skip the perfume and cologne and only use non-scented toiletries. That said, some scents repel bugs and pests. For example, many insects detest the smell of mint and lavender, while other creatures hate the odor of strong-smelling plants like pepper and onion. You can use these scents to your advantage while you camp through oils, sprays, and even what you cook.

Keep Your Lights Dim

Light attracts many types of insects, including ants, bees, flies, mosquitoes, and moths. And where tasty bugs gather, certain animals like birds and bats will, too. Some pests even associate light with humans and food. If you want to keep these critters away, we recommend turning off or dimming any lights when you’re away from your campsite or dozing.

Hang Out by the Fire

There’s one exception to the above dim-the-light rule—most pests don’t like smoke, so a lit campfire or bonfire can keep them away.

Step Into a Screen Room

Another way to protect your campsite from bugs and pests is to use a screen room. A screen room is a tent-like enclosure with screen walls that keep bugs and other pests out. You can put essential items inside the space to keep them away from pests, or you can dive in to get away from nagging insects.

At SylvanSport, we carry a large selection of camping equipment for your adventures. Our LED lamps are adjustable, allowing you to dim them as needed. We also carry screen room tents you can use as a retreat from pests. Shop today to prepare for your next outdoor excursion!


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