5 Tips for Taking Your Pets on Your Camping Adventures

You love camping. And you love your pets. What if you could combine these two loves and go camping with your pets? Camping is a popular activity for pet owners and their pets, but there are a few things you should know before you and your animal buddy march out into the wilderness. Here are five tips for taking your pets on your camping adventures.

Is Camping Safe for Your Pet?

Not all pets are suited for camping; for example, you wouldn’t want to take an untrained, flighted bird or an easy-to-lose hamster with you. The good news is that most dogs and even some cats make fantastic camping pals. Just make sure that your pet is trained and leashed and that their vet medically cleared them to join you.

Don’t Ditch the Leash

You should never take your pet off their leash unless they’re in an enclosed area where they can’t escape, such as inside a camper. Dogs may run off and get lost, and cats, while street-smart and directionally wise, can wreak havoc on local ecosystems.

Additionally, ensure your pet has a collar with essential ID printed on it. This makes it easier for them to be returned to you if they do get lost.

Do a Trial Run in Your Yard

Worried your pet won’t handle camping well? If you have a backyard, consider doing a trial run there. Set up camp and let your pet get accustomed to spending extended periods of time outside. This trial method is less stressful for your pet, since they’ll be in a familiar place, and if anything goes wrong, you can quickly retreat back inside.

Bring a Pet First Aid Kit

Paws can get injured on bumpy, rocky trails, and fur can get painfully yanked by tangled bushes. In case your pet gets hurt, bring a pet first aid kit containing items such as gauze, bandages, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic spray, milk of magnesia, and a thermometer. This allows you to treat any minor injuries.

Pack Extra Food and Water

Our final tip for taking your pets on your camping adventures is to pack extra food and water for your furry friend! Store your pet’s food in a sturdy, waterproof box or bag, and keep their water in a jug with a tight lid. Make sure to bring more than you think you need, since your pet will likely be doing high-energy activities that sap their energy and dehydrate them.

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