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5 Tips for Multi-Generational Camping Trips

A multi-gen camping trip is a wonderful opportunity for different generations of the same family to get together and make long-lasting memories. That said, planning such a big trip can be tough. But don’t stress—we’ve put together a list of tips for multi-generational camping trips to make planning your trip fun and hassle-free.

Choose a Destination With a Bit of Everything

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is your camping destination. It’s crucial to choose a place that has something for everyone. For example, kids may be content to hike and rock climb all day, grandparents may want something less strenuous, and parents may want something more leisurely. The location you choose should have a mix of activities that appeal to the wider group so every family member on the trip can have fun.

Pack Carefully

Packing for a one- or two-person trip is easy enough, but when you have to pack for the whole family, things can get dicey. We recommend creating a checklist of basic items to ensure nothing important gets left behind.

One benefit of traveling with family is that you can split up items. For example, one group can bring the toiletries, another can bring the cooking gear, and so on. This way, you can save time, stress, and space when packing the car or camping trailer.

Make Room

The more people you bring along, the more room you’ll need at your campsite! While purchasing a big, multi-room tent is certainly an option, it may be more convenient for each group to bring their own shelter. After all, each group will have different needs. Grandparents may be content with a small, cozy camper all to themselves, while parents with kids may need something roomier and with more amenities.

Plan Your Meals

Will you all be eating together as a family? If so, for all meals or just dinner? Or will each group eat separately? If you plan to eat as a family, work together to come up with a menu that everyone is happy with. Certain family members may have dietary restrictions you’ll need to account for, and, of course, when traveling with kids, you’ll need to keep their picky palates in mind!

Have Fun

Speaking of fun, don’t forget to have it! Planning a multi-gen trip can be difficult, but don’t let it stress you out too much. The goal of your trip is to have fun and spend time with family. Even if things don’t go according to plan, this trip will be a valuable memory you’ll cherish for years.

If you’re planning to embark on a multi-generational camping trip, use these tips to ensure the planning phase goes smoothly. And of course, don’t forget your gear! At SylvanSport, we have everything you’ll need for your next camping trip. For a comfortable shelter with enough space for the whole family, check out our GO pop-up tent camper, which sleeps 4+ and is easily configurable to match your family’s needs.


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