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5 Entertaining Camping Games To Play for Couples

Camping allows you and your partner to take a break from your busy lives and spend time together. While chatting is one great way to bond during a camping trip, it’s not the only way. Another fun way to relax and get to know your partner is by playing games. The next time you go camping with your partner, try one—or more—of these entertaining camping games for couples.

Tabletop Games

Whether you want to fight over finances in Monopoly, test your logic skills in Guess Who, or challenge physics in Jenga, board games can offer hours of entertainment for camping couples. The great thing about tabletop games is that they’re compact and easy to fit into your travel backpack. There’s also a large variety of games to choose from, some silly, some strategic, so you’re bound to find one that grips both you and your partner.

Spot the Object

In this game, one player chooses a nearby thing, whether it’s a rock, a river, or a bird sitting in a tree. They need to describe this thing to their partner, and the partner needs to figure out what it is. This game makes you stop and look closely at your surroundings to take in all that nature offers while having fun simultaneously.

Never Have I Ever

This game is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your partner. To play, you and your partner need to put both hands up. Player One announces, “Never have I ever…” and then admits to something they’ve never done before. If their partner has done that thing, they need to put one finger down (in some versions of the game, players who put a finger down also take a drink). The game continues until one player is out of fingers.

Would You Rather

Another entertaining camping game for couples to play is Would You Rather. In Would You Rather, you and your partner take turns presenting each other with two options and picking which one you’d rather do. An example of a question might be, “Would you rather eat pizza for every meal or never eat pizza again?” Your questions can be as normal or bizarre as you’d like!


Charades is an easy game to play while camping; all you need are some game cards and your imagination. One player draws a card from a deck. The card will contain a word or phrase the player must act out. No talking allowed! The other player must guess what’s written on the card based on their partner’s actions. If they guess correctly, they get a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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