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5 Cold-Weather Camping Tips To Keep You Warm This Winter

The starry night skies, the glittering white coat covering the ground and pines, the crisp, quiet wind—winter is a sight to behold. But winter is also cold, which can deter many curious campers. If you’re a camper that wants to enjoy the wonders of winter without getting frostbit, check out these five cold-weather camping tips to keep you warm this winter.

Bundle Up

The more layers you wear, the warmer you’ll be. We recommend wearing at least three layers while cold-weather camping. The inner layer, consisting of thermal undergarments, will trap your body heat. The middle layer—your shirt and pants—provides insulation. And the outer layer—your coat, hat, and gloves—protects your body from the battering wind, snow, and rain.

Warm Up Your Sleeping Bag

On the topic of layers, you should layer your sleeping bag, too. Adding a liner or heated pad to your sleeping bag can improve insulation. Alternatively, you can throw your thickest, softest quilt or blanket on top.

Vent Your Tent

Our next cold-weather camping tip to keep you warm is to crack open your tent’s vents. This may seem counterintuitive, but venting your tent can actually make it warmer. As you breathe, you release warm vapor into the air, which sticks to the tent material and forms condensation build-up. This condensation will eventually freeze, then melt, raising the internal humidity of your tent. The moisture can then stick to your skin and clothes, making you feel chilly.

Choose a Smaller Shelter

When you’re camping in frigid winter weather, snugger is better. Instead of using a spacious, family-sized tent, downgrade to a tiny tent or camper. Why? Simple—the smaller your shelter, the faster your body heat will warm it up.

Eat & Drink Plenty

When it’s cold out, your body uses more energy—through calories—to stay warm. Since you’re burning more calories while out in the cold, you should eat more to make up for them. Opt for meals high in protein and fat. Protein and fat burn off slowly and can keep you warmer for longer.

Drinking is also essential, since dehydration can make it harder for your body to regulate heat. Water is best, but liquids such as tea will also do the job.

If you need a small, insulated shelter, a layered sleeping bag, or other gear to beat the bitter winter weather, come see what SylvanSport has to offer. We have camp trailers and camp trailer accessories for brave winter campers. When you’re out in the cold, the quality of your supplies matters, and our top-of-the-line products have the design and technology to keep you comfortable 24/7.


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