14 Days Across the US in the GO Camper

If you’re a Ranger for The Dyrt, you occasionally get the opportunity to test gear in the field. Ranger Andrew was lucky enough to test out the GO camper from SylvanSport on a 14-day road trip across the US.

From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone to the Badlands, The Dyrt Ranger Andrew embarked on an epic journey where he camped and tested gear for 14 straight days.

14-Day Road Trip Around the US

Day 1 of 14: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM

Set against the dramatic Sacramento Mountains, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park offers picturesque camping in the Chihuahuan Desert. Located within a 30-minute drive to the White Sands National Monument, this campground is a great location to further explore the desert wonders of southern New Mexico.

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: Even though we visited this campground in the middle of June, during a heat wave, we were still able to enjoy the park and surrounding hiking during the morning and afternoons.

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Day 4 0f 14: Desert View Campground, AZ

Located 26 miles east of Grand Canyon Village, Desert View Campground lets you get up close and personal to the Grand Canyon, without the crowds. The Desert Views Watchtower is located within walking distance of the campground and offers some of the most spectacular views of the Grand Canyon (especially at sunrise).

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: Sites are given on a first come, first served basis, and typically fill up around the middle of the day. When we were there in June, the sites were full by 10 am, so be sure to get there early. 

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Day 6 of 14: Mather Campground, AZ

Located on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Mather Campground allows convenient access to watch the canyon’s spectacular sunrise and sunset views. Set beneath a tall canopy of Ponderosa pine trees, this campground offers ample shade as well as many opportunities spot native wildlife.

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: With a general store, laundry mat, flush toilets and pay showers, the campground offers all of the modern conveniences. The best part is that there’s a shuttle service that takes you around the canyon for free!

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Day 8 of 14: Bridger Bay Campground, UT

Located on a sandy beach at Antelope Island State Park, Bridger Bay Campground is one of the best places to experiences the Great Salt Lake. Great for families, Bridger Bay offers white-sand beaches, birds, and buffalo as well as basic facilities and showers.

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: The thing I loved about the island was the abundance of wildlife, and how frequently you saw it.

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Day 10 of 14: Lewis Lake Campground, WY

Located about eight miles from the South Entrance, Lewis Lake Campground is the perfect spot to stay while you explore the south side of Yellowstone. Nestled in a dense forest of lodgepole pine, this campground is secluded and quiet, but with only vault toilets, offers a more primitive experience.

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: Let me first take some time to talk about the amenities. Vault toilets, that’s it. So if you need showers, electric, water and flush toilets, you may want to camp elsewhere.

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Day 12 of 14: Grant Village Campground, WY

Located in Grant Village on the south end of the beautiful Yellowstone Lake, Grant Campground is a shady and popular base camp for exploring the park. With a wide range of amenities including flush toilets, showers, laundry, general store, and restaurants, this campground is a nice blend of rustic and modern.

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: We went in the middle of June and the snow covered the ground, including the campsites, created some breathtaking scenery.

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Day 14 of 14: White River KOA

Located just 4 miles from Badlands National Park, White River KOA feels like a desert oasis. Blending the rugged beauty of the Badlands with modern convenience, this campground is great for families wanting to explore the park.

Ranger Andrew’s Tip: This was my first time at a KOA and it was actually nice to relax and kind of “glamp” for a couple of nights.

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Ranger Andrew’s Final Verdict of the GO

We asked Andrew what he thought of the GO after his 14-day journey and he was blown away! One of the main features he loved about the camper was just the how light weight it is. At 840lbs, the GO is extremely maneuverable and can literally be pulled by anything! This and the camper’s luxurious amount of space, makes the GO feel like the ultimate utility trailer that just happens to have a tent attached to it.

3 thoughts on “14 Days Across the US in the GO Camper

  1. What size campsite do you need for the Go? I know at Yellowstone in particular they are very specific about making sure you get the right size campsite for your tent.

  2. We have used a 5 gallon bucket with an integrated toilet seat with a plastic bag as a liner and hamster bedding ( cedar shavings ) and after 3 days, absolutely no odor. Just take out the plastic liner and dispose. Several options on the electric: We rent campsites with electric, take 50 ft. cord and a power stick. The Sylvansport has a slot at the front top to run the cord and your power stick just sits on the floor. We use it for lighting, fans, portable heaters, watching movies on our laptop, etc.. You can also install a battery in the front storage compartment and use a 12 to 110 converter,
    or purchase a small generator. Make sure the generator meets state and national part noise regulations.

  3. Saw the Gozeebo. Is a type of portable toilet available/possible?
    On board electric capabilities?

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