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The Cloud Layer™ Single Sleeping Bag is the perfect camping companion, whether it’s a 20° night or a 60° summer evening. Its spacious design, organic cotton sheet, and compatibility with a variety of camp mattresses make it feel like a real bed. Its many layer combinations make it the most adaptable sleeping bag out there.


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The Cloud Layer™ Single Sleeping Bag is the perfect camping companion, whether it’s a 20° night or a 60° summer evening. Its spacious design, organic cotton sheet, and compatible mattress make it feel like a real bed. Its many layer combinations make it the most adaptable sleeping bag out there.


  • DRAW-TIGHT HOOD: Wraps you in warmth during cold weather.
  • CUSTOM INNER POCKET: Holds your device and helps keep you organized.
  • QUILTY AS CHARGED: Removable quilt layer for use as a cozy camp blanket.
  • FLANNEL LINING: Flannel lining and durable poly-fill designed for comfort and warmth.
  • DOUBLE ZIPPER: Allows open ventilation for your feet.
  • SIDE BAFFLES: Generous side baffles create extra height from bottom to top for maximum roominess.
  • REMOVABLE OUTER LAYER: Great for all-season use
  • ORGANIC COTTON SHEET: Removable for easy machine washing.
  • THE PERFECT PAIR: Bottom sleeves nest with 4″ SylvanSport Air Mattress (sold separately).

Outer Shell: Polyester Taffeta
Insulation: Poly-Fill
Liner: Flannel & Organic Cotton
Dimensions (stuff sack): 12″ x 21″
Dimensions: 81″ x 34″ x 4″
Weight: 8 lbs

California Residents: Click Here for Proposition 65 Warning

17 reviews for Cloud Layer™ Single Sleeping Bag

  1. Daniel C

    Excellent bag, especially for the price. Very room with a well thought out design, the layers and ventilation allow you to really be able to regulate temperature as needed. It packs up quite nicely as well. Would highly recommend this product to anyone in the market.

  2. Joanne McCarthy (verified owner)

    Perfect all seasons! Too hot? Use the sheet. Too cold? Use the quilt, sheet and bag. In between? Use the bag. Lots of combinations. Comfortable and easy storage in the bag provided!

  3. Katherine Yernberg (verified owner)

    We have used our Cloud Layer sleeping bags camping on several trips to the Colorado mountains and trips to the southern Utah canyon country. We were able to control the warmth at many different temperatures, from near freezing at 9,000 ft in the mountains to the warm deserts of Utah, by utilizing the different layering options. Works great. We are very happy with these cozy bags.

  4. Earvin Hansen

    Excellent sleeping Bag paired with the new mattress. Versatile in the use in cold to warmer temperatures. If you don’t have one you are missing out

  5. Linda Loff

    I didn’t think my GO trailer life could get any better but this sleep system is amazing!

  6. Maureen Lewis (verified owner)

    Best sleeping bag ever! My husband and I both love everything about this bag, the size, the warmth, the versatility, and packability. I would highly recommend.

  7. J. Colburn (verified owner)

    We bought 3 of these and when our out-of-town guests visited our cabin, they stayed in our GO with the new Cloud-Layer bags and liked them. I only wish the bags packed down smaller and the sheet / blanket connection to the bag was better to keep everything lined-up better for those of us that move around in our sleep. It also would be nice if replacement sheet sets were offered.

  8. Darren Mullin (verified owner)

    We give the cloud layer system a 5 star for warmth but overall we give it a 4. If you are not the type of person who tosses and turns than our only complaint won’t be an issue to you. Due to the size of the sheet my wife has a tendency to get tangled up in the sheet over the course of the night. I had an issue with the air mattress constantly losing air over the course of the night. Emailed Sylvansport and they fedexed me a new one with a return post for the old mattress to see what the problem was.
    We have used it for almost a month so far with no issues even on the cold nights we stayed very warm in the sleep system. The whole system integrates well with the GO. Would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone

  9. Christy Davis (verified owner)

    This is a bag for all seasons. On a recent fall trip, temps went from the 90’s to the 50’s in a week’s time. This bag adapted to every situation including a leaky tent. I really like the design at the head because my pillow stays in place, and my head stays warmer. My only concern is getting tangled in the sheets, and I am not sure how to resolve that issue.

  10. Rick Reardon (verified owner)

    This bag is one of the best I have had over the years. This bag gives you room to move around during the night unlike the previous mummy bags in the past. This is a multi layered bad for different conditions. The one downfall is the sheet inside the bag, you get tangled up while turning over during the night.

  11. Janine Howard

    Not quite fully field tested, as I have thus far used for a spare bed (with the integrated air mattress). I really appreciate the features and thoughtful design aspects. Kudos on the organic cotton sheets. The ability to layer and remove layers with ease is essential to comfortable quality sleep. I look forward to more camp time in my GO, with this setup, in 2020.

  12. David Carpenter

    purchased for Christmas and although we have not yet been able to use it in the GO yet, I really like the layers and the way it is made. Definitely looks like it will fill the bill for camping in all conditions we will need it for.

  13. Heather

    We took our Go across the country and back two years ago and I wish we had these bags then! The bags let you adjust to different temperatures so easily (in three weeks in August we camped in the desert and also in the mountains where is was 32 degrees). Paired with the 4 inch mattress, they make the perfect camp bed (or extra sleeping options for holiday guests when you don’t have enough beds)!

  14. Micheline Labelle (verified owner)

    Excellent bag for the humid Ontario summers. The soft cotton lining is perfect for summer sleeping. Very roomy and comfy. Thank you for designing a great sleeping bag!

  15. Donald

    I looked at other products but ultimately went with this due to the perfect dimensions and integration with the go. I had really high expectations and the ‘Cloud Layer Sleep System’ surpassed them. I’m happy that I got both the sleeping bag and the mattress at the same time because the comfort of both together is top tier. The ‘self inflating’ description is a bit generous, but what can you do, my wife is happy, i’m happy.

  16. William Gardner (verified owner)

    I love this! It’s truly as comfortable as my bed. I’ve used it many times, and recently bought the Cloud Layer self inflating bed. The bed takes this to a whole new level. Unbeatable comfort and design from both.

  17. Bruce Morris (verified owner)

    The entire Cloud Layer Sleep System is well thought out. I have both the sleeping bag and the matching mattress. The sleeping bag is super comfortable, well made and easily “assembles” to the matching mattress. It may seem spendy, but as a former specialty outdoor products retailer, I can tell you that the sleeping bag has a ton of features for the $200 price. It’s a good deal. Draft tubes and zipper catch protectors don’t come cheap, and these are well made and work as intended. The multi-layer system is a dream for temperature adjustment no matter what the weather. The cotton sheet is a nice touch and saves you from having to purchase a sleeping bag liner if you are into such things.

    Minor niggles and complaints: Several reviews mention that the integrated sheet gets tangled if you are a rough sleeper. I can confirm that, though I don’t find it as annoying as a sleeping bag liner when I’m having those traveling dreams. If you are really annoyed, the problem likely can be easily fixed at home by adding perhaps four extra snaps (hint hint for version 2.0, SylvanSport) between the sheet and the inner blanket layer. The drawstring hood feature doesn’t work correctly when using the matching mattress, which really is a non-issue, but worth mentioning. I haven’t tried it, but it should work fine if using a non-integrated mattress. Finally, I wish SylvanSport provided two stuff sacks, a compression sack for travelling and a larger sack for storage. The single stuff sack they provide is in the middle of those possibilities. I certainly wouldn’t leave any sleeping bag highly compressed for more than 24 hours, but I think the bulk of this sleeping bag needs more space for long-term storage than the OEM stuff sack provides.

    How comfy is this system? My dog got spayed, and then had complications from the surgery. Drunk as she was from the anesthesia and pain killers, it became quite clear that she needed all-night cuddles and had no intention of sleeping anywhere but in bed with my wife and I. Out came the Cloud Layer Sleep System so I could sleep on the floor with the dog for a week plus. No complaints. My post-surgical back and arthritic hips survived just fine. I might be sleeping there still except that after 10 days, we found the dog sleeping on my side of the bed in the morning. Nice try, dog!

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