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The SylvanSport Cloud Layer Mattress lets you take home-like comfort to your campsite. Its 4″ thick fast-fill foam and air provide luxury comfort for a great night’s sleep. The oversized 80″ x 34″ pad was designed to nest beneath the SylvanSport Cloud Layer sleeping bags and will fit perfectly on the SylvanSport GO bed frame.


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The SylvanSport Cloud Layer Mattress lets you take home-like comfort to your campsite. Its 4″ thick fast-fill foam and air provide luxury comfort for a great night’s sleep. The oversized 80″ x 34″ pad was designed to nest beneath the SylvanSport Cloud Layer sleeping bags and will fit perfectly on the SylvanSport GO bed frame.

  • THE COMFORT COMBINATION: Cloud Layer Mattress is designed to nest with the Cloud Layer Single and Double Sleeping Bags (sold separately) or on its own with your sleeping bag.
  • 4” THICK: For extreme comfort and a great night’s sleep
  • OVER-SIZED FOR COMFORT: Mattress is a full 80″ x 34″ and rolls up into its own carry bag.
  • FAST-FILL FOAM: Inflates and deflates quickly.
  • VELVET-TOUCH TOP LAYER: Soft and durable polyester fabric with heat welded seams provides puncture resistant quality.
  • DOUBLE AIR VALVES: Allow you to customize firmness and make setting up and packing down a breeze.

Material: Polyester and polyurethane foam
Dimensions: 80″ x 34″ x 4″
Dimensions Compressed: 35″ x 13″
Weight: 6.2 lbs

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13 reviews for Cloud Layer Self-Inflating Mattress

  1. Chris Burns

    This mattress is the bomb for camping! Self-inflating feature works great…and the deflating feature is really nice to remove air quickly. It is roomy enough to roll over, rather than the typical “slide and scoot” method of my other pads. Extremely comfortable. Slept on it for a week in the woods and never missed my home mattress!

  2. Karen

    I have always used to the traditional backpacking style sleeping pads, and this mattress is a HUGE upgrade. The 4 inch mattress is so much more comfortable than any camping mattress I’ve had before. Definitely recommend!

  3. Daniel C

    Very nice self inflating mattress, bought this to go along with a SylvanSport sleeping bag and could not be happier with the set. Inflates very quickly then deflates quickly as well for easy packing up. This is much thicker, and therefore much more comfortable than the average mattress pad, well worth the price.

  4. Eric Andrews (verified owner)

    Wonderful support. Very nice sleeping. Definitely the nicest self inflating mattress that I’ve had. Definitely worth the price, happy with the purchase and would absolutely recommend it. Looking forward to camping many more days on this mattress!

  5. James Ulry (verified owner)

    In my mid 50’s and tend to wake up somewhat stiff with thinner pads. This one I can adjust and wake up feeling like I have had a good nights sleep. Would absolutely recommend. Was easier to roll up than I had expected being as thick as it is. My wife gave it a thumbs up her first morning which made it well worth the price.

  6. Julie Phelps (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and self inflates very quickly.

  7. Jeff Morris (verified owner)

    I have tried many inflatable and self inflating mattresses over my 50+ years and woke up with many a sore back and sides (plus often tired and un-rested).
    After experiencing the quality of materials and workmanship of both my GO trailer and GOzeebo, I knew it was time to take another gamble when this mattress came out. And, I was not disappointed. Since December is not the best camping weather in Oregon, I spent the night on it in my living room and the only reason I could tell I was not in my bed was I was in my sleeping bag. Can’t wait to use it when the kids and I go GO camping and national park vacationing in 2020.

  8. GARTH MERCER (verified owner)

    I am so appreciative that Sylvansport has created this luxurious mattress for the GoCamper. It fits perfectly on the sleeping platform and a real plus is the insulating aspect to a thicker mattress to combat those bitterly cold nights when we are camping in higher terrain. There is always a risk with trying out a new product but we are so satisfied with the Cloud Layer mattress that we
    will be purchasing a matching one so that both of us can sleep in absolute comfort!

  9. Tom Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Ordered this mattress for my wife it inflates easily and more comfortable for her than the original pad that from our go. Know already she will love every time we are camping!

  10. Michael Fisher (verified owner)

    Almost as good as sleeping in our own bed. Very comfortable!

  11. David Carpenter

    Really looking forward to using this when we take the GO out in the spring. Very firm and comfortable, however on the first inflation it took about 2 days. I believe that after the initial fill it will go much quicker. Bought this with the sleeping bag and they appear to work wonderfully together when we tried them .

  12. Michael Ramsey

    Best self inflating mattress I’ve ever used. This might actually be better than my bed at home! Just received it, hope to get some winter camping in after the first of the year!

  13. Bruce Morris (verified owner)

    The entire Cloud Layer Sleep System is well thought out. I have both the mattress and the ‎sleeping bag. The mattress is comfortable and it is easy to adjust the firmness to taste. The ‎mattress easily fits into the matching sleeping bag sleeves and the sleeves have cutouts for the ‎inflation and deflation ports. Pro tip: mate the sleeping bag to the mattress before filling the ‎mattress to your desired firmness. That will make it easy to bend the mattress to fit into the ‎sleeves. The mattress (and sleeping bag) are sized to fit perfectly on the side beds in the Go ‎trailer.‎

    The inflation port has a one-way valve, meaning there is no struggle to keep all the air in the ‎mattress when you have reached your desired firmness. One review complained that the ‎mattress only partially self-inflates. As the former owner of a specialty outdoor store, I can tell ‎you that there isn’t a self-inflating mattress made that fully inflates on its own. None will get to ‎a firmness that you would want to sleep on by themselves. You have to top them off, and ‎SylvanSport includes a hand pump to do the job. I don’t particularly like the design of the ‎SylvanSport pump, but it gets the job done. Whatever you do, you should never blow air into a ‎self-inflating mattress with your mouth. As the industry found out years ago, microbes from ‎your breath can eventually set up a biologic reaction that will severely degrade the foam. Use ‎the pump, Luke! For best results, you might want to store the mattress long-term fully inflated ‎with both ports open. If you have room under your bed, that is a good location. Use an old dead ‎sheet as protection if your house has lots of dust bunnies.‎ (These recommendations apply for ANY self-inflating mattress, not just this one.)

    At $200, this thing isn’t cheap, but if you compare it to other 4-inch thick self-inflating ‎mattresses, you will find that this is what they cost. It is, however, worth the money. Combined ‎with the matching sleeping bag, it is super comfy.‎

    How comfy is this system? My dog got spayed, and then had complications from the surgery. ‎Drunk as she was from the anesthesia and pain killers, it became quite clear that she needed all-‎night cuddles and had no intention of sleeping anywhere but in bed with my wife and I. Out ‎came the Cloud Layer Sleep System so I could sleep on the floor with the dog for a week plus. ‎No complaints. My post-surgical back and arthritic hips survived just fine. I might be sleeping ‎there still except that after 10 days, we found the dog sleeping on my side of the bed in the ‎morning. Nice try, dog!‎

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