Cloud Layer Micro Inflator / Deflator

lightweight rechargeable air pump

Quick Overview

The Cloud Layer Micro Inflator/Deflator makes pumping up and packing up your Cloud Layer Mattress as easy as can be. Get a great night’s sleep with the perfect firmness of your Cloud Layer Mattress and don’t waste time and energy deflating the mattress when you’re packing up. With it’s micro size, convenient carrying case, rechargeable battery, and usb-c cable, it is the ultimate travel companion. Moreover, with six adaptor nozzles, the Micro Inflator/Deflator is compatible with a variety of brands of camping mattresses and can be used for other products like swim rings, floats, inflatable pools, cushions, and more!

Super simple to use, long lasting battery life, and powerful motor, this mighty little air pump is the perfect camping (and home) accessory!


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Warranty: 1 Year


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Price: $19.95


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