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Motorcycling: Towing Your Motorcycle Trailer

One of the greatest joys of motorcycling is that feeling of freedom when it’s just you, your cycle, and nature. Every road offers new challenges and thrills, from cliff hugging thrills to sweeping long range views of canyons or mountains.

Like many bikers, you probably have a long list of motorcycle roads and trips that you want to take, but, figuring out how to get your motorcycle and all the gear you’ll need to all the roads you want to ride can be a real challenge. SylvanSport offers solutions: two ultralight motorcycle trailers that both give you the freedom to load up and GO!

SylvanSport GO is a trailer so light that most passenger vehicles can use it to tow a motorcycle. The GO also converts from a motorcycle hauler into a cozy tent camper in minutes.

SylvanSport Adventure Trailers: Load Up Your Motorcycle and GO

Unlike gas guzzling big toy-haulers, both the GO and GO easy motorcycle trailers can be towed by small, fuel-efficient vehicles. With either of these trailers in your garage, you can leave at any minute to tour all the best motorcycle roads in America by day and enjoy the most comfortable, off the ground camping you’ve ever experienced by night. These are two of the most versatile options for motorcycle trailers found anywhere, whether you are looking to haul your toys or pull your stuff behind you. Bring your bike, bring your gear, and take all the long distance motorcycle trips you’ve been dreaming of.

GO Trailer and Pop Up Camper Make Motorcycle Adventures Easy

The GO is a lightweight camping trailer that hauls motorcycles and converts into a cozy pop up camper once you arrive at your campsite. It only takes about 15 minutes to convert the GO from a motorcycle trailer into a cozy camper where you can spend the night. This sturdy, lightweight trailer can haul your motorcycle, motocross or dirt bike, even an ATV.

GO Features for Motorcyclists

  • GO can carry two full-size motocross bikes or it can function as a single motorcycle trailer that will haul one large street bike, cruiser, sport bike, or touring motorcycle.
  • The GO makes it easy to load your bike. Just pull the pin on the front of the GO and tilt it back for ramp-free motorcycle loading.
  • Spend all day exploring the roads on your motorcycle, then sleep in a spacious and comfortable tent camper at night.

Hitch Requirements for Motorcycle Towing

GO was designed to make it easy to tow motorcycles and other big toys, even for people who have never towed anything before. You will just need a standard 2” ball weight-carrying hitch system and a flat 4-wire electrical trailer connection. If your vehicle doesn’t have this equipment, you can have it installed.

Hitch requirements: The GO falls into the category of a “light-duty Class 1” trailer. When choosing your hitch, simply look at the weight ratings for the hitch, make sure it is capable of carrying the GO and that it is designed to fit onto your tow vehicle.

Most passenger vehicles can tow a GO, which was designed to be super lightweight and compatible with both large and small vehicles.

GO Transforms From Motorcycle Hauler to Pop Up Camper in 10 Minutes

GO is so much more than a motorcycle trailer. One person working alone can change the GO from a motorcycle transporter into a cozy camper in 10 to 15 minutes flat. 

Travel Mode

When you’re carrying smaller loads, you can convert the ever versatile GO into the low profile Travel Mode for easy, aerodynamic towing.

Transport Mode

GO was designed to haul a motorcycle or an ATV in Transport Mode. The Control-Tilt cargo bed makes loading and unloading your motorcycle simple. No ramp is needed! Simply pull a set pin out of the tongue and the trailer tilts so that you can push your motorcycle onto the trailer bed from the ground. The tailgate comes all the way off to give you plenty of clearance to load your bike. And, the Height Extension System can be adjusted to make sure there is plenty of room for your windshield. When you are loaded up and the bike is secure, simply connect the cross-straps, raise and secure the tailgate, secure all the set pins, and GO.

Camping Mode

Explore the open roads and then come home after your adventures to a good night’s sleep in the comfort of a pop-up tent camper with room for four adults, in Camping Mode.

Every element of the GO is designed, engineered and built here in America to the highest in quality standards.

Coolest. Camper. Ever.

- National Geographic Adventure