Chevy Tahoe owners looking for a flexible and roomy camping option will find that the SylvanSport VAST travel trailer is a perfect match for their Chevrolet SUV. Built in Brevard, North Carolina, the VAST is an innovative mid-size trailer that has received a great deal of praise from the RV and outdoor community.

VAST: The Perfect Travel Trailer for Chevy Tahoe Owners

Durable Construction

The SylvanSport VAST travel trailer boasts a lightweight yet robust build, ensuring effortless towing with the Chevrolet Tahoe’s capabilities. Weighing in at 4,420 lbs dry, the VAST features state-of-the-art thermal composite walls, floor, and roof, delivering outstanding strength, stability, and weatherproofing.The VAST offers cargo carrying capacity of 580 lbs and is designed to make kayak and bike hauling easy.  Chevy Tahoe owners should consult their vehicle manual for details on towing capacity of their specific model year, but the towing capacity on Chevrolet Tahoes typically ranges from 7,600 to 8,400 lbs Therefore, the VAST emerges as a compatible and dependable trailer choice for Tahoe owners.

A review of the VAST RV in New Atlas remarked “An Indoor/Outdoor sliding kitchen, lift-away and convertible queen beds, and sliding sofa combine to create one of the most effective space-optimizers we’ve ever seen, a dual-personality trailer ready for adventures of all styles and sizes”

The VAST pair seamlessly with Chevrolet Tahoes equipped with the proper towing package.

Spacious, Light-Filled Living Quarters

Despite its compact size, the VAST travel trailer offers a remarkably roomy and luxurious interior. Engineered to combat confinement, it showcases a fully open rear tailgate, expansive windows for abundant natural light and ventilation, and an oversized awning that extends the living space outdoors. Additionally, the VAST boasts a patented indoor/outdoor kitchen and two queen beds capable of accommodating up to four adults comfortably. Whether embarking on a cross-country expedition or seeking solitude in remote camping grounds, this trailer offers the perfect blend of convenience and luxury.

Designed for Active Adventure Seekers

With the SylvanSport VAST travel trailer and your Chevrolet Tahoe, the possibilities for adventure are boundless. Embrace the freedom of the open road, create lasting memories with your loved ones, all while enjoying the conveniences of a fully-equipped mobile home. Discover secluded camping spots, unearth hidden treasures along your journey, and immerse yourself in the majesty of nature, secure in the knowledge that your VAST travel trailer serves as a steadfast and cozy base camp.

How to Learn More

If you’re a Chevy Tahoe owner looking for a travel trailer that combines lightweight construction, luxurious amenities, and endless possibilities for adventure, we invite you learn more about the VAST with the following links:

*Disclaimer: SylvanSport recommends that all VAST owners follow the guidelines set forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, or create an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. [For more information, refer to Terms, Section 4].