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The most versatile, easy to use micro camper. Camp more comfortably, with less effort. And now available with the optional Heavy Duty Suspension Package, aka TraiLOFT HD. TraiLOFT™ combines the unique pop up design of the LOFT™ rooftop tent with the tried and true GO EASY™ kayak trailer to create an ultra-lightweight micro camper that sets up in 1 minute, sleeps 2, and is towable by almost any car, truck or SUV. Best of all, when you want to head out for your day’s adventure, no need to pack everything up. Simply head out and when you return to camp, everything is ready to kick back and relax!

3 options to choose from to best suit your needs. Basic ultra-lightweight trailer? How about a gear deck? Or a waterproof storage box? Check out the details for the BASE, the ESSENTIAL and the ULTIMATE packages here.

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Warranty: 2 Years


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Price for all: $5,724.85

TraiLOFT™ = ultimate micro camper set up!

Home is where your TraiLOFT™ is. If you could go backpacking with your car or truck, TraiLOFT™ is exactly the micro camper to do it. Mounted on the GO EASY™ kayak trailer, LOFT™ is the complete package for any outdoor adventure. GO EASY™ is not only the ultimate kayak, bike, & gear hauling trailer, it also provides the best way to camp with the LOFT™ rooftop tent. Sitting 36″ off the ground, TraiLOFT™ is the optimal height to easily get in and out, optional gear deck lets you free up space in your vehicle, and the 79″ crossbars let you also carry 2 kayaks or 2 bikes. The custom mattress is comfortable for even the most finicky sleepers and the included rechargeable fan/light combo keeps the air moving and the night lit up.

Outside magazine took the TraiLOFT™ on a 3-night trip to the Pisgah National Forest. Read their review here.

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Just want an awesome rooftop tent?

Take camping to a whole new level with the SylvanSport LOFT™ rooftop tent. Compact enough to fit on most vehicles, LOFT™ sets up and packs down in seconds, providing you with a quick and easy place to sleep, wherever you park your car.