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GO gives you the freedom to travel, transport your gear, and camp -- in one lightweight camping trailer. Scroll down to learn all about the SylvanSport GO.

A Towable Pop Up for the Adventure Ahead

The most advanced camping trailer in the world.

The GO will forever change the way you carry gear and camp. It’s an all-in-one travel trailer that carries all of your outdoor gear, then transforms into a super cool camper that sleeps up to five.

Carry more. GO further. Have more fun.

For epic cross country camping trips or weekends away, GO frees up your vehicle for your family and friends, and tows all your toys–including boats, bikes, boards and gear. It can even haul motorcycles, ATVs and ride-on lawnmowers.

ATV Pull Behind Trailer
GO Easy Trailer Hauling Bikes and Boats

The smallest, most fuel-efficient towable on the road.

At only 840 pounds, GO can be pulled by almost any vehicle, including small cars. It’s designed for a smooth ride and super fuel efficiency, with excellent suspension, LED lights, and multiple configurations – capable of carrying over 800 pounds.

Award Winning

GO is a feat of design and engineering. No wonder it’s called the Swiss Army knife of camping trailers and hailed as the “Coolest. Camper. Ever.” by National Geographic Adventure. Check out some of the praise for the GO, including awards and recognition from top notch media.


Utility Vehicle | Gear Hauler | Camper

Sleeps 1 – 4

With multiple sleeping configurations, the GO can comfortably accommodate 1-4 people, with the sleeping platform expanding to an enormous king-and-a-half sized bed. So, whether you’re going solo or bringing the family, the GO is ready!


The GO is ultra-lightweight at a svelte 840lbs (381kg). Our owners range from Prius drivers all the way up to Class B RVs and everything in between. With its lightweight, low profile and aerodynamic design, and custom tuned Dexter torsion axles, the GO is a breeze to tow…and won’t kill your gas mileage!


Utility vehicle. Gear hauler. Camper. All-in-one. Head to the home improvement store to pick up sheets of plywood or mulch, then turn around, load up the ATV or moto and head to the woods – finally setting up camp for the night in a spacious, airy camper. This is what #GOlife is all about!


Set-up the interior in a variety of ways to suit your needs. A center table is the perfect place for up to 4 people to eat, plan your day or wait out a rainy day. Convert the table into a bench panel for additional seating or stow it way for even more room. The 2 table panels included with the GO also create the king-and-a-half sized sleeping platform.

GO Travel

Even though the SylvanSport GO is full of storage and carrying capacity, it does not require a large, fuel draining vehicle to tow it. In fact, at only 840 lbs and with its low-profile, aerodynamic design, GO is the most efficient and well engineered gear-hauler in the world. GO can carry all your toys, so you can travel farther and more often than you ever thought possible. Carry more, spend less on gas, GO further.

  • Cargo area: 81″L x 48″W x 17″H (39 cu ft)
  • Rack system accepts most Thule accessories
  • Up to 800lbs on deck 200lbs on rack

GO Transport

So much more than meets the eye. GO was designed to solve all your camping and hauling needs, seven days a week, regardless of your choice of activity. Biking, kayaking, canoeing, surfing…moving an apartment or bringing home stacks of building materials from the local home improvement store, the GO makes it easy with a Control-Tilt deck, which allows for ramp-free loading and a removable top that turns the GO into a true open-topped utility trailer.

  • Cargo area: 84″L x 48″W x 48″H (114 cu ft)
  • Tent pod & bed platform wings easily removable for ultimate versatility
  • Up to 800lbs on deck & 200lbs on rack
  • Optional Deck Height Extension Kit provides an additional 4.5″ of clearance (52.5″H)

GO Camp

If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created especially for you. GO delivers that wonderful experience of tent camping: lightweight, airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special. And with a variety of configurations, the GO is as versatile as you are. From 2 beds to a whopping king-and-a-half sized platform, the GO can be transformed to fit your needs.

  • Interior: 78″L x 118″W x 77″H (bed platforms: 78″L x 34″W, floor: 78″L x 48″W)
  • Multiple interior configurations accommodates 1-4 people comfortably whether waiting out a storm or turning in for the night
  • Included awning adds an additional 114″ of covered living space (more than doubling footprint)

High Tech Details of the GO

Aluminum Frame

The GO uses high quality, proprietary aluminum extrusions to create an incredibly strong, yet lightweight frame. This allows the GO to be extremely fuel efficient, durable and most important, corrosion-free, so it won’t rust.

TIG Welding

Aluminum is much more difficult to work with than steel and requires a much higher level of skill to obtain perfect welds. Our welders are highly trained and skilled craftsman in the art of TIG welding, resulting in GOs that are made to last a lifetime.

Powder Coating

While not necessary, SylvanSport goes the extra mile and applies a heavy duty powder coated finish to the GO. This helps keep your hands clean from handling raw aluminum and gives it an extra layer of durability from straps, bumps, and general use. And, we think it looks pretty sharp too.

Axles | Wheels

One of the most important factors that determines the ride quality of a trailer are the axles and wheels. In addition to high quality tires, the GO comes standard with cast aluminum wheels and Dexter Torsion Axles. The Dexter axles are custom tuned to the weight of the GO. This is important because if using standard leaf spring suspension, the GO is so light, it would bounce all over the place while driving down the road.

Diamond Plate Deck

The Diamond Deck Plate of the GO is specially reinforced, playing an important role in the structure of the trailer. Also, made from aluminum, the deck maintains it lightweight, durability and resistance to corrosion. The raised pattern also provides slip resistance for you and your cargo.

Tent Material

The tent material of the GO is a 220-denier ripstop nylon fabric, 3x heavier duty than traditional family tents. The tent is also completely waterproof and seam-sealed, so there is no need for an additional rainfly. 3-way doors and windows (screen, clear weather protection & privacy), as well as strategically placed ventilation, allows you to control the airflow within the GO.

What Our GO Owners Have To Say

I bought a GO Camper in the spring and went to Grand Rapids to pick it up. I got caught in a blinding rain storm on the way home, lots of wind blowing cornfields flat and so much rain as to be blinding…then it HAILED! But the GO and my RAV4 soldiered thru it all with no damage. I love this little camper and feel very confident while pulling it. I am 80 years old, yet I can hook the GO up by myself and gooooooo!  Driving through big cities was a little scary at first but not anymore…the major concern is remembering that it is back there!

– Chloe – Michigan

We live in Tucson, I bought my GO 3 years ago for my two kids. I surprised my kids with a random trip to pick it up in Ohio and then disappeared into the Colorado Rockies for a couple weeks. We absolutely love it… since then it’s been to Alaska, Key West, Michigan, Canada… twice, the Rockies and more. Every time that things attached to my car, people crowd around and want to talk about it.

– Dan, Tucson AZ

We just arrived home from our “maiden voyage” to Florida with our brand new GO. Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem, the durability of the GO has been really impressive. It is easy to see that the GO was designed by some very smart people with keen foresight. Consider us very happy GO Owners!

– Jim and Donna, Berea OH

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Weight English Metric
Weight (unloaded) 840 lbs 381 kg
Dimensions English Metric
Interior Floor Dimension 48 x 84 in 122 x 213 cm
Standing Height (Camping Mode) 77 in 196 cm
Trailer Size (Travel Mode) 143 x 75 x 53 in 363 x 190 x 135 cm
Trailer Size (Transport Mode) 143 x 75 x 81 in 363 x 191 x 206 cm
Trailer Size (Camping Mode) 154 x 124 x 108 in 391 x 315 x 274 cm
Storage Capacity English Metric
Front Storage Capacity 9 ft3 0.25 m3
Cargo Capacity (Travel Mode) 81 x 48 x 18 in 206 x 122 x 46 cm
Cargo Capacity (Transport Mode) 84 x 48 x 48 in 213 x 122 x 122 cm

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