Owner Testimonials
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Owner Testimonials
& Reviews

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Meet the Berzowskis: When Retirement Meets Wanderlust

Jim and Robin Berzowski are not your typically retirees. Not content to spend their “golden years” on the golf course or playing bridge, they are quenching their thirst for adventure, fishing, biking, and camping all over North America. From 14,000 mile trips to the Arctic Circle to loops down to Florida to visit family and friends, the Berzowskis have mastered road long trips with their Honda CR-V and GO camper in tow! This is their story…

The Krafts Foster the Love of the Outdoors in their Kids

How does a family of five keep everyone happy, engaged, and from driving each other crazy while spending time in the outdoors? They bring a little something for everyone and provide enough space that the kids aren’t on top of each other. When the Krafts discovered the GO camper, they found exactly what they were looking for. The ability to bring all the gear, bikes, and games, and plenty of room for 2 parents, 3 boys, and 1 yellow lab…family camping at its finest. 

Young Couple Seeks Lightweight Camper That Can Be Towed by Compact SUV

Karly and Ben Afasano enjoy camping in New England and own two small SUVs – a Subaru Forester and a VW Tiguan. They had no interest in buying a large “gas hog,” so Karly started researching lightweight camping trailers. After spotting the GO at a neighboring campsite in the White Mountains, the Afasanos were hooked!

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