GO – The Perfect Camping Trailer for Power Sports

Power! Road bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, scooters… even ride-on-mowers are all a perfect fit for the SylvanSport GO. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to your favorite track or a mid-week trip to the local big box to bring home that new mower, GO can carry it all. Take a look at all the ways the world’s most versatile camping trailer can work for you.

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GO – The Ultimate Camping Trailer for Motorcycles

Whether you are heading on down the highway, or looking for that challenging dirt track, GO will get you and your bike(s) there. With a 4′ x 7′ deck, capable of carrying up to 800 lbs, GO can take a hefty road bike or a couple dirt bikes anywhere you want to go. With a super convenient Control-Tilt Deck and over 6′ of drive-on headroom, loading and unloading your bikes is easy! With an unlimited array of tie-down options, GO is secure. With it’s open design, rigid and lightweight aluminum frame and it’s unparalleled Dexter Torsion Axle suspension, GO cradles your bikes smoothly down the road.

GO – ATV Camping Trailer

Looking for a camping trailer that can carry your ATV, but can’t find one with enough carrying space? SylvanSport GO has enough room to fit your ATV, plus a whole bunch of your gear. Drive to the edge of the beach, or the woods and your adventure is just beginning. Back the ATV off, with the Control-Tilt Deck, drive around to the front, hook up the ATV to the GO and head out on the beach or deep into the woods. GO can take you almost anywhere. Once you arrive, GO converts into a pop up tent in less than 10 minutes! GO is the perfect accessory for any ATV off-roading adventure.

GO Expanded Gear Deck studio photo
GO Expanded Gear Deck with motorcycles studio photo

GO – Dirt Bike, Small Bike and Scooter Trailer

People that love dirt bikes are a special breed. In the dirt bike world open air, getting dirty, driving fast, and facing a bit of danger is the perfect way to spend the day. But in order to get to dirt bike heaven, you need a trailer to tow your bikes! Whether you are into motocross, racing, or off-roading you’ll need a reliable way to haul your gear and your bike and you won’t find a better way than with SylvanSport’s GO, the perfect trailer for dirt bikes. Taking awesome up a level, GO converts into a cool pop up tent trailer when you’re done hauling your bikes.

GO – The Ultimate Lightweight Utility Trailer

Trying to haul your bike, ATV, engines, parts and equipment? Sometimes you need the extra height of a true open-topped utility trailer. With a genius, tool-free upper structure removal, GO quickly transforms into just that – an open topped utility trailer. Capable of carrying up to 800 lbs on the deck, GO can transform your small four cylinder car into a capable pick up truck for the day. No other 840 lb. camping-trailer can give you this much flexibility.

GO utility trailer

Turn Your Trailer Into the World’s Coolest Pop Up Camper

GO is an innovative gear trailer that doubles as a pop up camper. Stress free transportation and convenient pop up tent capabilities make GO the ultimate choice for hauling gear and camping in style! This one of a kind trailer can transform into your own personal and portable home in just minutes. GO is equipped with an innovative Kelty tent system and sleeping space equivalent to one and a half king size beds—making your home away from home super comfortable. The self-inflating air mattress is just one of the perks of this ultimate dirt bike camper. Hit the dirt a little harder on your bike knowing that you have a portable home waiting for you when you are done. Bike hard and rest easy with the ultimate trailer for hauling and camping!