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Camp Cooking with SylvanSport

Part of what makes a good camping trip great is the food. We’re sharing some of our favorite camp recipes you can cook them up with the Dine O Max camp kitchen.

How to Make Cafe du Monde Beignets at the Campground


  • 1 box Cafe Du Monde Mix
  • 2 cups flour
  • 7 oz water
  • All the powdered sugar
  • Oil for frying – canola, grapeseed, or peanut
  • Coffee


1. Add about a quarter inch of oil to your skillet. Heat the oil to 370 F.

2. Pour 2 cups of beignet mix in a bowl.

3. Add 7 ounces of water & stir to make dough.

4. Turn the dough out onto a well floured surface.

5. And then roll it out to 1/4 inch thick.

6. Cut the dough into squares.

7. Once the oil has heated to the right temperature, take one of the small end pieces and drop it in the oil. When the oil starts to bubble and the dough rises to the top within a few seconds, it’s ready for your beignets.

8. Gently place 2-3 pieces of beignet dough in the oil and let them cook for a minute or two on each side until golden brown.

9. Take them out of the oil and set them on a paper towel. While they’re still warm, cover in powdered sugar.

10. Serve warm with coffee! Enjoy!

Get cooking with the Dine O Max camp kitchen!

2 thoughts on “Field Notes: Camp Cooking Beignets

  1. I have had beignets from Cafe Du Mond in New Orleans and agree with his comment about giving them a blanket in the powdered sugar. I do have the Din-O-Max kitchen and have enjoyed using it on my camping trips. Still in the learning process of using my Go but am planning a longer trip from New England to Tennessee and beyond for next year (2023). I may have to order some beignet mix for that trip!

    1. Went to New Orleans for the first time this spring and also had beignets from Cafe Du Monde….twice! ???? So good! Glad you are enjoying the Dine O Max camp kitchen and hope you have a great trip to New England next year!

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