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GO Submarine under water

GO Under

a camping adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced

Experience the beauty of the world that lies below the water’s surface with GO UNDER, the world’s first underwater camping trailer. GO UNDER is a lesson in camping luxury. Enormous windows allow a view of marine life from your bed and our customer support scuba team is available 24 hours a day to help with your water-related needs. And while there are countless possibilities for recreation, the most common choices tend to be water-based activities.

Woman inside GO comfort mattress coffee

Based on the popular land-based GO camper, the GO UNDER is lightweight enough to be towed by most personal submarines and sets up quickly so you don’t have to hold your breath for too long before you can relax inside.

GO under water shark

Tired of spending all of his time on top of the water, SylvanSport founder and kayak-industry veteran, Jacques CousGO, decided the next great adventure was 100ft below the surface. After years of underwater research, pruned fingers, and 2 near-misses with sharks, the GO UNDER was born. 

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