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We partnered with Our State to introduce adventurous campers like yourself to our unbelievably functional & innovative gear line. Below are a few standouts that will get you camping like a champ this Fall!

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Fall is a great time to experience the beautiful outdoors. Crisp air, stunning leaf color, and cool temps are just few of the things that make this the perfect time to get outside. At SylvanSport, we love to heading into the woods all year round, so we put together this list of some of our favorite pieces of gear to make it more fun and comfortable. 

Packing Up

Packing Cube $44.95

Men putting coffee bag inside packing cube SylvanSport

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin Organizing your food stash, toiletries, or “camptronics” in these Packing Cubes before your trip helps you enjoy more time exploring, cooking, and resting at the campground. And the durable, water-resistant material helps your stuff endure the bumps and knocks of campsite set-up.

Hacky Pack Duffle $39.95

Hacky pack Duffle GIF studio photo

Poof! This 5” ball unfurls to a lightweight yet durable duffle that holds an unbelievable amount of clothes, towels, raingear, and more. Use another duffle as a catch-all for your stinky, dirty clothes after a day of adventuring. 

Get Out & Explore

Hacky Pack Day $39.95

Lightweight? Check. Durable? Check. Packable? Check. The Hacky Pack Day is the perfect way to carry everything you need for a day on the trail or a trip to the camp store. And when you aren’t using it, simply stow it into it’s built-in stuff sack that converts it into a 4″ ball. The Hacky Pack Day may be lightweight, but is packed with features like side mesh pockets for water bottles and snacks, a hidden pocket for valuables, and soft touch zipper pulls.

WayLight $59.95

Where to picnic and hike in Brevard NC - Holmes State Forest

Hike. Light. Roast. Repeat! WayLight is the indispensable, multi-functional LED hiking pole that brings light and fun to every camping occasion. Navigate that midnight journey to the restroom safely with the directional light. Illuminate your cooking area. It even has slots for bamboo skewers for roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

A Great Night's Sleep

Cloud Layer Mattress $219.95

Self-Inflating Camping Mattress 3/4 view GO Camper

It’s hard to be cranky after a good night’s sleep. Simply put, the Cloud Layer Mattress is the best camping mattress on the out there. 4″ of self-inflating foam provides unparalleled comfort that is still packable and easy to use. The innovative dual-valve inflate/deflate system works in conjunction with the stuff sack that doubles as a high volume air pump.

Cloud Layer Single / Double Sleeping Bag $219.95 / $329.95

man laying on side in sleeping bag in GO camping trailer

“Best Double Sleeping of 2021!” – GearJunkie Cloud Layer Single & Double sleeping bags are the perfect camping companion, whether it’s a chilly 20° night or a 60° NC Coastal Autumn. Pair it with our Cloud Layer Mattress for the ultimate sleep system. The spacious design, generous side baffles, organic cotton sheet, and compatibility with a variety of camp mattresses make it feel like a real bed. A variety of layer combinations (removable quilt & top layer) make it the most adaptable sleeping bag out there. Choose the Single for just you or the Double for you and a friend!

Mealtime Made Easy

Dine O Max Camp Kitchen $399.95

close up of cutting vegetables on camp kitchen

In the words of Emeril, “Bam!” With a large bamboo work surface, adjustable shelf storage, and simple set-up, the Dine O Max camp kitchen lets you unleash your culinary skills that will make other campground adventurers green with envy.

GO Picnic Pad $59.95

Ridiculously functional for a camping trip! The waterproof foam bottom keeps you dry while the soft fleece top layer lets you lounge in comfort. Use it fully opened for a comfy, dry picnic. Fold it in half and lay it on a damp picnic table bench. Or fold in quarters for a cushy seat by the campfire. And when all folded up in the case, stuff some snacks and a book inside and head off to the woods for some chill time.

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To really gear up for camping in 2022...

Award-winning GO Camper starting at $10,995

family fire pit GO Camper

Do you like innovative products that wins awards and was called the ‘Coolest. Camper. Ever.’ by National Geographic Adventure? So do we! The SylvanSport GO is an ultra-lightweight camping trailer that does double-duty as a gear hauler or utility trailer. At 840lbs, GO is towable by most vehicles, lets you bring along your boats and bikes, and is built right here in Brevard, NC.