frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about the LOFT™. Have more questions or don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Chat, email, or call with our team!



How much does the LOFT™ weigh?

The LOFT™ weighs 117 lbs.

Is the LOFT™ suitable for my vehicle?

While we cannot say if the LOFT™ will work with your specific vehicle, it is designed to fit on most cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Also mounts on the GO EASY™ kayak trailer for the ultimate rooftop tent experience.

Basic requirements to mount the LOFT™ are:

  • Factory roof rack or 3rd party rack system with a dynamic weight capacity of at least 117 lbs.
  • Crossbars should be at least 36″ wide with a minimum spread of 35″.

How much weight can the LOFT™ hold?

The static weight capacity of the LOFT™ is only limited by the static weight bearing limits of your vehicle and roof rack system. Static weight is when your vehicle or trailer are stationary and dynamic weight is weight when stationary.

Can gear be attached on top of the LOFT™?

The LOFT™ is not designed to carry/mount gear on top.

What is the warranty on the LOFT™?

The LOFT™ has a one-year warranty and the tent has a 5-year warranty. Conditions apply. See our warranty page for more information.

What are the interior dimensions of the LOFT™?

The interior of the LOFT™ measures 80″(L) x 48″ (W)x41″(H).

Is the LOFT™ waterproof?

YES! The composite ABS plastic roof and the polyurethane-coated, polyester/cotton fabric tent material will keep you dry when the rains set in. Note: to maximize weather resistance, you’ll want to lower the storm flaps.

Can the LOFT be installed/uninstalled by one person?

The LOFT™ weighs 117 lbs. We recommend having 1 person on each corner to safely lift and place the LOFT on your vehicle.

How does the LOFT do in extreme weather?

The LOFT is designed to be weatherproof and stable in a wide variety of conditions. Our customers have reported camping comfortably in high winds, heavy rain, and snowy conditions. As with any tent, always use good judgment in inclement weather.


How will the LOFT ship and how long does it take? What if I’m ordering with the GO EASY kayak trailer?

Your new LOFT will ship via palletized freight and typically leaves within 2 business days of the order confirmation. Delivery time depends on your distance from our factory in Brevard, NC.

When ordered with the GO EASY kayak trailer, the LOFT will ship combined with the trailer on a single pallet via freight. Turnaround time will depend on lead time of the GO EASY, which it typically no longer than a week or two. Delivery time depends on your distance from our factory in Brevard, NC.

Can I pick up my LOFT at the SylvanSport factory in Brevard, NC?

Yes, you can…and we’d love to see you! Save on shipping and get camping right away! Contact our sales team at to schedule your pick up.

Can SylvanSport install the LOFT on my vehicle if I pick up at the factory?

We are happy to install your new LOFT on your vehicle for a fee. Due to the variables of different rack systems & vehicle shapes, time and rates may vary. Certain rack systems may require special hardware (i.e., Prinsu racks). If so, these must be provided by the customer at the time of installation. Contact our sales team at for more information.

How much is international shipping?

For orders outside of the continental United States, please contact our sales team at

You’re LOFT™ is waiting for you!