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GO aluminum extrusions front view

Aluminum Frame

The GO uses high quality, proprietary aluminum extrusions to create an incredibly strong, yet lightweight frame. This allows the GO to be extremely fuel efficient, durable and most important, corrosion-free, so it won’t rust.

Men welding

TIG Welding

Aluminum is much more difficult to work with than steel and requires a much higher level of skill to obtain perfect welds. Our welders are highly trained and skilled craftsman in the art of TIG welding, resulting in GOs that are made to last a lifetime.

Powder Coating side view

Powder Coating

While not necessary, SylvanSport goes the extra mile and applies a heavy duty powder coated finish to the GO. This helps keep your hands clean from handling raw aluminum and gives it an extra layer of durability from straps, bumps, and general use. And, we think it looks pretty sharp too.

GO dexter torsion axles side view

Axles | Wheels

One of the most important factors that determines ride quality of a trailer is the axles and wheels.  In addition to high quality tires, the GO comes standard with cast aluminum wheels and Dexter Torsion Axles.  Because the GO is designed to be lightweight, the use of a standard leaf-spring suspension would result in a bouncy and less controllable ride for you and your belongings.  Our custom tuned Dexter Torsion axles provide a more stable and dampened ride, enhancing control and  cushioning the ride.

GO diamond plate deck

Diamond Plate Deck

The Diamond Deck Plate of the GO is specially reinforced, playing an important role in the structure of the trailer.  Its aluminum construction provides a more lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant deck and the integral raised surface pattern provides slip-resistance for you and your cargo.

GO Tent Fabric side view

Tent Material

The tent material of the GO is a 220-denier ripstop nylon fabric, 3x heavier duty than traditional family tents. The tent is also completely waterproof and seam-sealed, so there is no need for an additional rainfly. 3-way doors and windows (screen, clear weather protection & privacy), as well as strategically placed ventilation, allows you to control the airflow within the GO.

Weight English Metric
Weight (unloaded) 840 lbs 381 kg
Dimensions English Metric
Interior Floor Dimension 48 x 84 in 122 x 213 cm
Standing Height (Camping Mode) 77 in 196 cm
Trailer Size (Travel Mode) 143 x 75 x 53 in 363 x 190 x 135 cm
Trailer Size (Transport Mode) 143 x 75 x 81 in 363 x 191 x 206 cm
Trailer Size (Camping Mode) 154 x 124 x 108 in 391 x 315 x 274 cm
Storage Capacity English Metric
Front Storage Capacity 9 ft3 0.25 m3
Cargo Capacity (Travel Mode) 81 x 48 x 18 in 206 x 122 x 46 cm
Cargo Capacity (Transport Mode) 84 x 48 x 48 in 213 x 122 x 122 cm

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