Our Top Picks to outfit your GO portaledge

When Conrad Anker, world-renowned climber/mountaineer and GO owner, is exploring remote climbing destinations, he demands gear that is comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. Here are some of our top picks for Conrad when he is thousands of feet off the ground.


GO Camping Trailer starts at $9,995

Go Camper open with awning studio photo

The Swiss Army Knife of campers brings lightweight, versatility, and space to big walls. Long touted for its multi-use capabilities on the road, Conrad has discovered the amazing capabilities of the GO camper as the ultimate portaledge. Sometimes getting to the climb is as hard as the climb itself. With the GO, you have a spacious camper on the long haul to whatever remote destination you are headed and once you are there, the GO hauls up the wall easily due to its beefy equipment rack and 840lb dry weight. Welcome to the new world of portaledges.


Dine O Mite Camp Kitchen $199.95

Camp kitchen side view studio photo

Maintaining energy is crucial on an expedition. We’ve all heard the stories of climbers losing weight on big climbs. When you spend days, or even weeks, on the side of a wall, intaking calories is not just important to make it to the summit, but for health and safety too. The Dine O Mite camp kitchen lets you prepare meals beyond the “just add water” menu that plagues most expeditions. The smaller sibling of the Dine O Max, the Dine O Mite is a much better choice when preparing meals on the side of a mountain. Stir fry, fat burritos, huevos rancheros…yes please! Conrad’s favorite recipe while on the big wall? Grilled salmon with a lemon caper sauce, saffron rice, and roasted asparagus. Thank you, Dine O Mite!


Cloud Layer Single Sleeping Bag $299.95

sleeping bag top view showing layers

When you’re in the middle of nowhere on the side of a big rock, you never know what weather you’ll encounter. From 20 to 60 degrees, the Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag is Conrad’s choice when he’s hunkering down on a big wall. The removable layers allow him to stay nice and comfortable. And when he gets home and is unpacking from his expedition, he simply removes the organic cotton liner and throws it in the washing machine. Couldn’t be easier. Bonus: the Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag integrates with the Cloud Layer Mattress to create the ultimate big wall sleep system.

Cloud Layer Mattress $199.95

camp mattress top view

Climbing is easier when you’re well-rested. That final push to the summit can be exhilarating, but when you wake up feeling like you could have slept better, it’s hard to get out of the sleeping bag. The Cloud Layer Mattress features 4″ of self-inflating foam for unparalleled comfort that is still packable and easy to use. So, when it’s that crux pitch day, you know that you’ll have had a great night’s sleep.


WayLight $59.95

light pole studio photo

When you’re hauling gear 2,000′ up a rock face, you cut weight wherever you can. The WayLight is a hiking pole and 3-way light combined into one. Whether Conrad is scoping out a line, hiking down from the summit, or playing cards in the GO portaledge, the WayLight is his go to piece of gear. On that 5th class scramble to the top, the WayLight is his guiding light.

Packs & Organzation

Packing Cube $44.95

packing cube front view studio photo

Organization is the key to happiness. Life on the wall can get cluttered really quickly. Climbing gear, camping gear, food…managing all of that is key to not going crazy looking for your spork on day 8. That’s why Conrad relies on the Packing Cubes to keep everything organized whether he on the wall or traveling to the wall. Straps make it perfect for clipping onto a carabiner and the multiple access points make getting gear easy-peasy.

Hacky Pack Day $39.95

Hacky Pack Day front view studio photo

Summit day…travel light and fast. It’s the final push and when you climb out of the GO portaledge, you need a pack that won’t hold you down. At only 4oz the Hacky Pack Day will carry the essentials for that last stretch. The pack also stows into a small ball so you can play hacky sack on the summit…one on Conrad’s long standing traditions.

Alone Time

Privy Bivy $129.95

privy tent closed front view studio photo

Even when there are no other humans around, sometimes a little privacy is nice. So…yea…well…hmm…I think we all know what this is for. 

Be like Conrad.

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