Backyard Nighttime Scavenger Hunt for Kids #WayLight

Nighttime Back Yard Scavenger Hunt with the WayLight 

Scraping the bottom of the fun activities to do with your kids at home barrel? We have an idea, a backyard scavenger hunt. Want to level up on the usual nature scavenger hunt and make it a little more challenging, how about a NIGHTTIME backyard scavenger hunt.

We created one for you to get you started. 

For supplies, all you need is a flashlight. We recommend a WayLight by SylvanSport. It’s part flashlight – part hiking pole, so it’s perfect for exploring. And kids love them! It adjusts to their height and lets them safely explore on their own.  

The WayLight also has both a directional flashlight perfect for shining on the trail ahead of you and an ambient globe light so you can look at what you find. 

Right now the WayLight is only $39.99!

And it’s now available on Amazon, with free shipping for all Prime members. 

And here’s what you really want – the Nighttime Nature Backyard Scavenger Hunt!

If you find everything or something really cool, we’d love to see photos! Share them on our Instagram with #Waylight or tag us @_sylvansport. 

Happy Hunting!

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  1. All I wanted to see was pictures of the camper. I will delete and unsubscribe to any email or other contacts.

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