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nighttime scavenger hunt



Scraping the bottom of the fun activities to do with your kids at home barrel? We have an idea, a backyard scavenger hunt. Want to level up on the usual nature scavenger hunt and make it a little more challenging, how about a NIGHTTIME backyard scavenger hunt.

We created one for you to get you started.

For supplies, all you need is a flashlight. We recommend a WayLight by SylvanSport. It’s part flashlight – part hiking pole, so it’s perfect for exploring. And kids love them! It adjusts to their height and lets them safely explore on their own.

WayLight Hiking Pole illuminating frog
WayLight Features studio photo
The WayLight also has both a directional flashlight perfect for shining on the trail ahead of you and an ambient globe light so you can look at what you find.

and here’s what you really want – the nighttime nature backyard scavenger hunt!

If you find everything or something really cool, we’d love to see photos! Share them on our Instagram with #Waylight or tag us @_sylvansport.

Happy Hunting!

nighttime scavenger hunt