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What do our customers have to say?

We take a lot of pride in what we do and surround ourselves with the best people we can find. So it's really gratifying when our customers, dealers, and the media take note. Here's a sampling of some of our favorite testimonials.

I bought  a GO Camper in the spring and went to Grand Rapids to pick it up. I got caught in a blinding rain storm on the way home, lots of wind blowing cornfields flat and so much rain as to be blinding..then it HAILED! But the GO and my RAV4 v6 soldiered thru it all with no damage. I love this little camper and feel very confident while pulling it. I am 80 years old, yet I can hook  the GO up by myself and gooooooo!  Driving through big cities was a little scary at first but not anymore..the major concern is remembering  that it is back there!

- Chloe – Michigan

Help! We’re surrounded! We took our Go camping a few weeks ago and drew ridiculous crowds. Friends told friends, and pretty soon there was a steady stream filing past our campsite. Some just gawked as they walked by, but more than a few hardy souls stopped and asked,”What IS that?”  When it came time to pack up and leave, my husband had a crowd of spectators numbering around 40. The universal consensus was that the Go was one of the coolest things people had ever seen, and we agree. It exceeded our expectations in every area.

- Vicki, Grand Rapids MI

We just arrived home from our “maiden voyage” to Florida with our brand new GO. Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem, the durability of the GO has been really impressive. It is easy to see that the GO was designed by some very smart people with keen foresight. Consider us very happy GO Owners!

- Jim and Donna, Berea OH

Took our “Go” to the Lion Country Safari Campground this weekend for our maiden voyage. Listened to the lions roar all night. One starts and then they all chime in. The roaring goes on for three minutes. Then all is quiet for an hour and then it starts again, worth a trip …Three sets of campers came over to look and ask questions as we set up the “GO.” They all were impressed and wanted one!  The “Go” was great to sleep in and pull. Plan to camp every weekend for the next few months and then go to the Smokies this summer. I’m so glad you created the “GO.”

- Robert, Boynton Beach FL

I thought you might be interested in some of these photos we took on our inaugural summer camping trip with the GO. We went to the Sawtooth range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. The GO worked like a charm and was a big hit with other campers.

- Kristen, Burlingame CA

In the year that I’ve had my GO I’ve been on 13 trips. I think my most memorable was at Douthat State Park- a great place for mountain biking and sightseeing. It was stormy, rainy, windy- the park ranger first said we could be stuck in the campsite if the river overflowed. Several hours later he returned to let us know of tornado warnings!! We stuck it out and survived. Luckily we had great shelter in the GO!!!

- Nancy, Flemington NJ

My wife and I own serial # 15. We have used it several times and are extremely pleased. It has stimulated a phenomenal amount if interest each time we used it. I think your idea is an excellent one and we are very pleased.

- Elliott, Chatham NJ

We already have 6 nights in our go this summer, which puts us over 130 nights total in now our 6th season!! we are leaving this Saturday for a 2.5 week trip to Banff and Jasper…sure am glad i could convince my wife to allow me to buy our go, sight unseen, way back when!

- Brian, Oregon

What do our dealers think?

The GO Easy is the burliest, nicest, most well-made trailer we’ve ever carried here at Quest. We’ve carried three different brands and this is by far the best. Having the cargo deck, waterproof front storage box and adjustable racks make this the premier gear trailer available today. Being able to feature it on our floor, with boats and gear attached, makes the GO Easy a real merchandising centerpiece.

- Ryan King – Quest Outdoors, Louisville, KY

We sell a lot of SylvanSport products to people coming in from out of town, they seek out the GO, these are great little vehicles. We just had a customer pick up a GO in a Saturn two seat sports car and take off on a trip across the country. We’re seeing a new type of customer come throuigh our doors and they bought nearly 30 GOs from us last year. We are now a Thule dealer thanks to SylvanSport, they have been fantastic to work with, like no other manufacturer we’ve seen. Their attention to detail and support is second to none.


- Tom Lewis – Vancouver RV

The response to the SylvanSport Go has been overwhelming! We can’t believe how many people are inquiring about the product on a daily basis. We had some sold before they even arrived at our dealership. Great product and a great company to work with.

- Rob Minarchi – ArrKann, Calgary, AB

We love the team at SylvanSport. Their passion drives ours, and it’s a huge part of why we’ve been so successful with their products. We share that passion with everyone that comes in to look at the SylvanSport GO and GO Easy. The SylvanSport GO and GO Easy really are the coolest and we want people to experience them, in all their different forms, loaded with as much gear as we can get our hands on, in an environment that aims to be just as cool. There’s no shortage of buyers as well as no shortage of excitement on our lot; we’re selling SylvanSport products to people from all over the US and Canada… from Iowa to Colorado to Nova Scotia. It’s one of the coolest products the RV industry has ever seen.

- Chad Carlson – Woodland Travel Center, Grand Rapids, MI.

We have always been the traditional RV dealer selling Pop-ups, travel trailers, and fifth wheels.  We ran across this unique outdoor company, right in our own backyard – selling this cool looking, brightly colored camping trailer.  GO is a utility trailer, a toy hauler, and a camper wrapped up in one awesome package. Along with its unique design, the quality is unsurpassed.  Offering these campers has allowed us to serve a whole new customer base that the traditional RV dealer never knew existed.  This really is the Coolest. Camper. Ever!

- Shannon Bumgarner, Bumgarner RV – Lenoir, NC

Prior to signing up with SylvanSport, we were slightly skeptical of how the product would do here amongst our current lineup of much larger RV products.. Now looking back, we are certainly glad we did and this product has definitely broadened our customer base. Earl, Kyle, and the SylvanSport team have been great to work with!

- Dan Zboyan – Beckleys RV

I tell people all the time how much fun and refreshing it is to sell Sylvansport Mobile Adventure Gear! We are dealing with very active clientele that we would normally never see on our lot, because of the versatility and tow-ability of the trailer. The transactions are always quick and easy.

- Tom Lewis – Vancouver RV Center, Vancouver, WA

The uniqueness and ingenuity make the GO an incredibly popular product at the RV shows and in our showroom. When people see the versatility and quality, in person, they really understand what makes this so unique.

- Rhett Powers – Guaranty RV

The GO is an amazing product and SylvanSport has been a great company to work with. They give their dealers big territories and we really appreciate that. At our showroom, the GO has been a real head turner. Displaying one GO in the up position (Camping Mode) and one down (both Travel Mode and Transport Mode) is the only way to display the product, to get the best ‘bang for the buck.

- Kelly Shanholtzer – Beckley’s RV – Thurmont, MD

SylvanSport is a feel good success story of the highest order. They manufacture intelligently designed trailers, aka toy haulers, in North Carolina. SylvanSport have quickly made a name for themselves in our paddlesports industry, particularly with the Go Easy Adventure Trailer, which is good for hauling bikes, kayaks, and camping gear. Many times I’ve been on the phone with customers talking trailers and when I mention we have the Go Easy in stock, the customer’s enthusiasm jumps. “We’re going to come check them out,” is the standard response. That’s what you want from a product, it excites people and motivates them to come through your door.

- Brian Vincent – Appomattox River Company, Ashland, VA.

SylvanSport has generated a lot of response on social media and has been a big plus for our inbound marketing. In fact, our SylvanSport brand page ranks in our top 10 entry pages and brings in 100-200 new unique visits from across the US and Canada each month.

- Leland Waggoner – Chilhowee RV, Louisville, TN

What is the media saying?

SylvanSport offers outdoor enthusiasts some of the lightest, most versatile trailers in the business. Now it’s teaming up with Goal Zero to bring solar power to its flagship gear-hauling, overnighting GO trailer. The trailer is part of Goal Zero’s Solar Ready initiative, which looks to integrate solar panels and battery packs into a variety of common outdoor gear. It’s been a few years since we covered the original GO trailer, and it’s still one of the most versatile trailers we’ve ever seen. Its skeletal expandable frame and rack-mountable roof accommodate all kinds of sports equipment, tools and gear, and the four-person tent drops down smoothly from the roof box. It’s an ultra-versatile, lightweight way of pursing your favorite outdoor activities for days on end.


If your passion is being on the water, then the SylvanSport GO is the ultimate gear-hauling trailer for you. Whitewater boating, sea-kayaking, canoeing, or fishing, GO is the perfect lightweight camping trailer that securely and easily carries up to a dozen boats. Even fully loaded with kayaks, the GO can be towed behind the smallest of cars like the Subaru Outback, Honda Element, even hybrids. Forget about struggling to hoist those boats on top of your vehicle. The GO’s super-strong rack system can be loaded at its chest-high position, and smaller boats can ride securely on the deck. Easy! You can also rest assured, knowing that whether it’s a load of friends with creekers, or just you and your Kevlar touring boat, the GO’s brilliantly engineered frame, deck, and suspension will keep your gear safe and sound.

- Canoeroots Magazine

There’s something to be said for old school camping. No five-star tents and butlers serving boeuf bourguignon and Bordeaux. Just you and nature. But there’s no reason to rough it. Check out the compact, ergonomic SylvanSport GO camper. It’s basically a tent on wheels that can be towed by even a Hybrid or Mini Cooper. While loaded down with seven bikes. Or a boat.
The compact pop-up camper with its tig-welded aluminum frame is super lightweight at less than 850 pounds. Yet it can schlepp all of your gear, from surfboards and bikes to kayaks and skis.

- Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

The GO trailer is basically a combination ultralight pop-up camper/gear mover. From our perspective it’s a perfect mobile base camp for bike adventures and endurance races (24-hour or stage races). It has a roof rack, compatible with both Thule and Yakima bike racks (or Kayak racks or storage boxes), and the trailer can be slightly popped up for transporting a grill, ATV or other larger bulky items. The GO pops up and folds out to offer two bed/benches and a table (with 6 feet and 6 inches of interior standing height), and the interior can be converted into one big king-and-a-half sized bed to sleep 4 people with storage space underneath. The whole unloaded unit weighs a claimed 840 pounds, with just a 70 pound tongue weight, so it’s easy to wheel around by hand off the car.

- Bike Magazine

The Swiss Army Knife of trailers? A godsend for adventurous small car owners? A bright green blemish on the vast wasteland of asphalt we call an Interstate system? You decide. The SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer is unique in its versatility, as it weighs only 840 lbs., yet can pack up to a dozen bikes, kayaks, two dirt bikes, an ATV, or whatever form of transportation you require, while still functioning as a camper, with insulated bed platforms, a self-inflating mattress, and a secure entry — everything you need to hold your own private X Games in the woods.

- Uncrate

We all drool over the $20,000 teardrops, but the Go Trailer ($10,000) costs half as much and is twice as useful.

It’s a toy hauler—you can stick an ATV or several bikes in the pop-up main compartment or haul bikes and boats on the racks up top. Once you get where you’re going, a five-person tent folds out for camping in comfort. Even better: the thing only weighs 840 pounds (dry weight) so nearly any car can tow it.

- Outside Magazine/Outside Online

The GO is the camper answer for the Apple tech set: innovative, user friendly, beautifully designed and painfully expensive. It’s an excellent compact alternative to standard pop-up campers, with the bonus of lots of gear towing and storage versatility, though the price is almost double what we’d expect.I spent a good hour going over all the well-engineered details that went into the GO. Like an Apple product, the GO solves issues that I didn’t even know I was going to have (airflow inside the camper to name one) when taking my family of four camping in Colorado’s Rockies Mountains. The more time spent in the GO, the more I grew to appreciate what its builders in North Carolina did.


Resembling  the progeny of a one night stand between an Ifor Williams trailer & an Ariel Atom, the SylvanSport Go appears at first glance to be a pared-down version of the sort of thing your local gardening firm might use to cart lawnmowers around in if designed by Jonny Ive (for those of you not in the thrall of Apple’s every product release, he designed the iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc). This thing can go from being the low profile futuristic-looking trailer we’d just been wandering round, to the airy & spacious accommodation we were now currently sitting inside, because, in a feat of packaging of which the afore-mentioned Jonny Ive would be proud, all the hi-tech, rip-stop fabric currently sheltering us from the West Sussex elements stows neatly away into that deceptively slim roof-box we’d spotted earlier.

- UK Motor Talk

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