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Three sets of campers came over to look and ask questions as we set up the "GO." They all were impressed and wanted one! The "Go" was great to sleep in and pull. I'm so glad you created the "GO."
—Robert, Boynton Beach FL—

Off Road Camp Trailer

Don’t Buy the Typical 1980s Pop Up Camper, Get a State of the Art Off Road Camp Trailer

The 1980s isn’t generally considered the pinnacle of outdooring. RVing, maybe, but Rvs weren't exactly created with the outdoor sportsman in mind. SylvanSport GO off road camp trailer is the personal dream machine of SylvanSport’s own squad of engineers who love the outdoors so much they built GO to help facilitate more outdoor adventures. Key features like an all-aluminum frame, the Control-Tilt cargo bed with pneumatic dampening system, and Kelty tent system combine to make GO off road camp trailer the multifaceted and highly versatile road warrior - the one thing you need on the trail alongside a Swiss Army knife or a full roll of duct tape.

GO Off Road Camp Trailer Makes the Woods More Comfortable

Pull-behind camp trailers cover a wide spectrum in terms of features. Generally, the smallest off road camp trailer weighs around 600 pounds, but is confined to a small storage space and few amenities. At the other end of the spectrum, the most luxurious off road camp trailer weighs over 2,000 pounds, but helps you survive roughing it in the wilderness with things like inset track lighting, an oversized kitchenette, and carpeting.

SylvanSport GO off road camp trailer weighs just 840 pounds, but still offers creature comforts like a set of custom, self-inflating mattresses, sized the equivalent of a king-size mattress and a half, above ground and insulated sleeping arrangements, and star-gazing windows. GO is even quick and easy to use, converting from trailer to aboveground camper in just 10 minutes. Plus that 840 pound weight and adjustable aerodynamic frame makes GO off road camp trailer considerably easier on the wallet when it comes to gas mileage.

What Can an Off Road Camp Trailer Haul? Just About Anything!

The 840 pound all-aluminum frame on SylvanSport GO off road camp trailer has a cargo capacity of 800 pounds and reinforced diamond-plate flooring means GO can haul a pair of dirt pikes, a full-sized adult ATV, or medium-sized motorcycle. The Control-Tilt cargo bed also lets you turn GO into its own loading ramp. For things where weight isn’t an issue, like mountain bikes, road bikes, and kayaks, it’s more a case of “see how many you can safely fit on GO.”

SylvanSport–A Company Dedicated to Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

We designed, prototyped, and refined SylvanSport GO off road camp trailer on the rugged trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina where we continue to TIG-weld every seam on every GO at our headquarters in Brevard. The woods, mountains, and rivers were the perfect testing ground to help us build the most durable, versatile, and easy-to-use camp trailer ever. Enjoy the countryside in a camp trailer made in the USA.