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We absolutely love it, it’s been to Alaska, Key West, Michigan, Canada... twice, the Rockies and more. Every time that things attached to my car, people crowd around and want to talk about it.
—Dan, Tucson AZ—

Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

The Best Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Are you ready for that epic road trip vacation? Don’t leave your motorcycle at home. SylvanSport makes two of the best pull behind motorcycle trailers on the market. Choose between the GO or the GO-Easy and take that long distance motorcycle trek you’ve been dreaming of.

The GO is a pull behind motorcycle trailer that attaches to any car, even a Mini-Cooper. The GO is a multi-mode transformer. Hauls motorcycles, ATVs, or boats. Easily converts into a fully loaded pop up camper or utility trailer.

Or if you are looking for pull behind motorcycle trailers that can be pulled by a motorcycle, the GO-Easy is for you. Your motorcycle can haul up to 375 lbs. of kayaks, canoes, bikes, camping gear or any other gear you need for your dream vacation. Attach the Roost roof top tent to the top of the GO-Easy and you’ve got a cozy, two person camping spot wherever you park your bike.

Road Trips with Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

With either the GO or GO-Easy pull behind motorcycle trailers, you can bring your motorcycle and all the gear you need for adventure vacations. Bring all the comforts of home and your motorcycle in the ample storage space of the GO. When you want to travel light with just your motorcycle, attach the GO-Easy and you’ve got a “roof rack on wheels.” Either of these epic pull behind motorcycle trailers will enable you to have the best motorcycle road trip vacation you’ve ever had.

American Made Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

With state of the art design and engineering, SylvanSport has designed pull behind motorcycle trailers that are lightweight yet incredibly strong. Both the GO and GO-Easy are assembled with pride, right here in the USA. Craftsmanship matters. From the sleek design to the high quality construction, see for yourself the difference between pull behind motorcycle trailers made by SylvanSport and those made by other manufacturers.

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