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We live on a ranch in Northern California and have been sleeping outside in our Go due to unusually high temperatures. We find it much more comfortable sleeping in our Go than inside the house. Towing the unit behind our Honda Element is a breeze
—Peter, Sacramento CA—

Nissan Camper

You drive a Nissan. You are an avid outdoors person. Pleased to meet you… We are SylvanSport and our GO Nissan Camper is the perfect match for your lifestyle, not to mention your vehicle. Designed to be the outdoor accessory of choice for those who want less hassle and more adventure, the GO Nissan Camper takes your automobile to the next level for experiencing nature at its finest.

No Need to Sacrifice Comfort with the GO Nissan Camper

Ready to add an additional 6 bikes to the 4 that already fit on the rack on top of your Xterra? Ready to even haul an ATV with your Cube? Ready to ride all day until the last ray of sunlight falls? Then you need the GO Nissan Camper. It will allow you to keep the adventure raging on. You go as hard as you can on the trail, that’s why you’ll sleep soundly on our soft insulated bed platform that includes a custom self-inflating air mattress from Pacific Outdoor Equipment. Never again sacrifice comfort for the rugged glory of the trail… get them both with the GO Nissan Camper.

Be Proud to Own a Made in America Nissan Camper

SylvanSport is committed to doing our part to contribute to the return of manufacturing to US shores. That is why we are proud to design and build each GO Nissan Camper right here in Brevard, North Carolina. Share in that American pride with us and see why the GO Nissan Camper is truly the coolest. camper. ever.

The GO Works Perfectly With Your Nissan Leaf To Create a Green Vacation

The Nissan Leaf is absolutely one of the greenest vehicles on the road today. And the SylvanSport GO Nissan Camper is one of the most eco-conscious campers you can buy. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. An electric car that leaves no emissions and a camper that leaves no trace the Nissan Leaf and the GO Nissan Camper are a match made in heaven for any nature lover.