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We live on a ranch in Northern California and have been sleeping outside in our Go due to unusually high temperatures. We find it much more comfortable sleeping in our Go than inside the house. Towing the unit behind our Honda Element is a breeze
—Peter, Sacramento CA—


Mini Cooper Camper

Mini Cooper drivers know that great things come in small packages, now you have a chance to learn how great things GO in small packages. Stylish looks, super tight handling, excellent gas mileage… What’s not to love about your Mini Cooper? Now with the SylvanSport GO there’s a way to love it even more as your favorite vehicle becomes the Mini Cooper Camper. With the SylvanSport GO camper you can take your Mini Cooper on the road to epic adventure as it hauls your gear and your campsite all in one.

GO Mini Cooper Camper: the Perfect Mini Accessory

The Mini Cooper is all about accessories. From custom hardtops to unique spoilers, Mini Cooper drivers know how to deck their rides out in style. Now you have a chance to add the perfect Mini accessory to your car and turn it into the Mini Cooper Camper. The SylvanSport GO mimics the hyper-engineering of your Mini Cooper, packing tons of adventure into every ounce of its all-aluminum frame. Now you can camp anywhere you want to GO in your Mini Cooper Camper.

Low-maintenance, all-terrain comfort with GO Mini Cooper Camper

Forget about worrying about maintenance with your GO Mini Cooper Camper. At SylvanSport we have already done all the worrying for you so that the experience with your Sylvan Sport GO camper will be as easy as shifting into fifth gear in your new Mini Cooper Camper. We thought of everything, from an easy to clean lightweight PU Polyester tent down to its self-lubricating wheel hubs, the GO is simple to maintain even as you eat up the trails in all-terrain comfort.

GO Mini Cooper Camper’s Ultra Lightweight Frame is more than a nice figure

At SylvanSport our group of freakishly vigilant designers took a page from the team at Mini Cooper and designed an ultra-lightweight frame that is easy on the eyes but hard as nails on the trail. With super-sexy styling, attaching the GO camper to the back of your Mini Cooper will not only feel right, it will look right as well.

Great Things GO in Small Packages

Mini Cooper drivers know this by heart. It’s become a mantra and a motto all wrapped up into one. Now you can truly go that extra mile in your Mini Cooper Camper and find the perfect adventure spot for you and all your gear. Traveling light has become the perfect excuse for getting out on the road in your Mini Cooper Camper. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a ballgame, or a week long journey into the great outdoors, anything is possible in your Mini Cooper Camper.